Roadtrip: Rockin’ San Diego!

I was recently asked by the kind folks over at KIA to come for one of their “Rocking Kia” events called “Discover the NEW KIA” to check out the new KIA car models. They even called me a “rock star” as related to social media and travel road trips! So how could I say no? When I say “rocking”, I literally mean the Hard Rock


Quinta Mazatlán – Tex-Mex Culture Wrapped into One

I am a diehard about Spanish/Mexican architecture, interior design, music, language, and dance, so when I took one peek inside the Ann Maddox Moore room at Quinta Mazatlán, I was immediately enamored with her collection. This assortment, which is only a part of her personal collection, was of cultural Mexican craftsmanship that she had collected on her many trips to Mexico. This is something I


These Boots Are Made For Walking – El Paso, Texas

It was my good fortune to take a tour of the Lucchese Bootmaker facility in El Paso.   You are probably thinking I would see how handcrafted boots are made from start to finish.  And you are right.  But I walked away from there with some insights into life that can be a meaningful byproduct of traveling. Read on as I take you on the tour.


The Top 5 Things to do in Amarillo, Texas for Nostalgia

Take a drive down memory lane…for the top 5 things to do in Amarillo, Texas for Nostalgia. There’s more to do in Amarillo Texas than you would have imagined. I should know… I am from the area, but when I went back and did a lot of “top 10 things to do” within a few days, it certainly brought it all back into perspective. The


The Ranch at Rock Creek – A Slice of Heaven

In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t be spending three nights at The Ranch at Rock Creek, located off the Pintler Veteran’s Memorial Scenic Highway 1 in southwest Montana.  Don’t get me wrong, being treated like the most important person to ever walk through their front door and being delightfully pampered is out of this world.   Problem is, I don’t want to leave.  Not now.  Not ever!


Chicken on the Run Near Lake Charles, Louisiana

Mardi Gras is the love of life. It is the harmonic convergence of our food, our music, our creativity, our eccentricity, our neighborhoods, and our joy of living. All at once. - Chris Rose To really understand what a Chicken Run is, you must understand the cultural significance of the above statement. Zydeco music was playing by a live band in the back of a parade-like


King Cakes Origin and Recipes

King Cakes Origin and Recipes I recently was on a trip to Lake Charles, Lousiana for Mardi Gras where I encountered the making of a King Cake! "A what, I asked?" Being from the South, you would think I would have heard of all the desserts out there but never had I heard those words before. There are some words related to food that we eat knowing nothing


A Bluebird Day at Yellowstone National Park

I had never heard of the expression, "a bluebird day", but ended up hearing it several times on my recent trip to Yellowstone Country, Montana. I guess bluebirds come out when the sun is shining, even if there is snow on the ground from the night or days before.  Regardless, it was was a gorgeous day! Animals of Yellowstone National Park On one hand, it seems


Foods of Louisiana You Must Try

Louisiana is known for many things: music, culture, but most importantly, cuisine! The foods from Louisiana are often on the spicier side and known all around the world as "Cajun Cuisine". The history of recipes and foods of Louisiana is an interesting one. There are influences from France, Spain, Africa, and India. However, there are parts of Louisiana that offer a more soul food-like experience. Where


A Road Trip to Yellowstone National Park in Montana

A Road Trip to Yellowstone National Park in Montana On a cool February morning, I landed in Bozeman, Montana ready for the “Big Skies” and “Open Roads” known worldwide as the gateway to Yellowstone National Park. I was ready to take a road trip to Yellowstone National Park in Montana and itching to see the waterfalls, bison, and a few geysers that are legendary fixtures


The Best Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Layover Options

The Best Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Layover Options Have you ever felt stuck at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport with a long layover and not known what to do?  Recently, I went to Dallas twice, once for a family wedding then again for the Travel Media Showcase. I got to thinking how easy it was to get to and from the DFW airport, so I came up


The Classic American Road Trip: Florida Keys 

I have often written about road trips around the “good old USA” and have enjoyed plenty of days on its highways. But one of my most enjoyable road trips is the road trip down the Florida archipelago. I was so excited when asked me to put together an article about one of America’s favorite past times: Road-tripping! On the ride down there, you can


Things to do in Park City

Things to do in Park City Park City is an easy ski destination to get to: Arrival into Salt Lake City, Utah comes easy and smooth. For once, you are happy that things are effortless and uncomplicated. The rental SUV is perfect for this family ski trip, as the sleek new Kia Serento arrives at the airport by Drive STI with ease. Bags are packed


Tall Tales: Dog Sledding in Montana

The yelping was so loud, you would have thought something was on fire with all the commotion. As I slipped out of the all-wheel drive suburban truck, my snow boot landed on the slick white ice in the downpour of snow that had just begun. I stumbled and sort of stammered out of the truck with a “swan dog” yoga pose, throwing my arm over


Going Off Road thru Sedona, AZ with Pink Jeep Tours

What better way to see Cathedral Rock and explore the red rocks of Sedona than to take a ride on the famous Pink Jeep Tour of Sedona?Pink Jeep Tours are a tour operator in the American Southwest that offers off road excursions and has been around since 1960! I was hoping my tour of Broken Arrow wasn’t going to be too much of an off road


Cathedral Rock Sedona

Sedona’s cinematic red rocks had been flashing across our windshield for almost an hour. It was hard for the driver to keep her hands on the steering wheel due to the beauty at each turn in the road. My iPhone camera was going off every few minutes, regardless if it was a good shot or not here at Cathedral Rock Sedona. There is no denying


Santa Fe Plaza: Where Cultures Collide

By Cacinda Maloney Santa Fe Plaza: Where Cultures Collide Inn on the Alamada, Santa Fe NM On a breezy Saturday night in Santa Fe Plaza, a group of revelers in wobbly heels and party hats greet each other with kisses and hugs, ready to hit the town to ring in the New Year. Along with them, they have small flasks of mescal (law...


Looking for Diamonds in the French Quarter

By Cacinda Maloney I was with my girlfriend over on Royal Street in the French Quarter at the diamond store. She’s from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, so when I sent her a message I would be visiting New Orleans and that I was looking for the best things to do in New Orleans and boutique hotels in New Orleans, she immediately went to work and came up


New Orleans: Jazz, Weddings and Funerals

By Cacinda Maloney   “Oh when the saints go marching in! Oh, when the saints go marching in! Oh, I want to be in that number, when the saints go marching in…” – author unknown, made famous by Louie Armstrong and his orchestra in 1938. New Orleans: Jazz While in the French Quarter, I often heard this apocalyptic song being played by trumpeters in the


What to do in Missoula, MT

By Cacinda Maloney Google put together a list of the Top Google Searches for 2015 in the Travel & Leisure Genre. I was interested in learning about what people search for in my travel professional world.  There were some unexpected searches in the top 10 for the USA, and many I knew the answers to, but I especially wanted to answer the question: What to do


Best Places to Visit in the World 2016

Best Places to Visit in the World 2016 Written for Expedia By Dr. Cacinda Maloney “For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.” - Leonardo da Vinci As a world traveler, I am constantly asked: “Where are the best places to visit in the world?” I have rounded up


Things to do in Newport Beach, California

By Cacinda Maloney Known as a hip, trendy and wealthy beach town in Southern California, Newport Beach has over 10 miles of Orange County’s best beaches on the Pacific Ocean! If you are looking to go somewhere this winter, make it Newport Beach, as there are so many amazing things to see and do. Photo courtesy of Visit Newport Beach Part of living


What to do in Key West

By Cacinda Maloney I recently spent some time in Florida. It had been years since I had gone down to "the Keys" during my college days. I had fond memories of riding bikes along the historic sea port area and sipping drinks in a Hemingway bar… briefly remember visiting his home and his 6 toed cats, but that was about it. How refreshing it was


Sea Plane to Fort Jefferson

By Cacinda Maloney Fort Jefferson I wake before dawn with anticipation of the day that is to follow. After all, it’s not every day you get to visit a remote tropical island with a moat-encircled abandoned fort: Fort Jefferson! My eyelids are matted and stuck to each other as I roll over again and push the alarm. This was after a night out with some


Four Seasons Scottsdale – Deep in the Heart

Four Seasons Scottsdale – Deep in the Heart By Cacinda Maloney Four Seasons Scottsdale – Deep in the Heart Nestled in the foothills of the High Sonoran Desert, yet tucked up near the trails of the Pinnacle Peak Mountain lies the Four Seasons Scottsdale, which I call "deep in the heart" of Scottsdale. During the drive up to the Seasons, you realize that


What to do in Telluride, CO – A Winter’s Tale

"What to do in Telluride, CO - A Winter's Tale" Telluride, CO By Cacinda Maloney Spending the day all curled up next to the fireplace and periodically taking a gander out my picture window, I knew I had to finally just bundle up and get out there. I hate how sometimes I just have a hard time getting started. But once I am


The Charming side of St Augustine FL

By Cacinda Maloney Map - Savannah GA to St Augustine FL This was the third stop on a road trip from Savannah GA down thru St. Simon Island and then on to St. Augustine, FL. I loved this road trip and it is easy to do. As you know, I fell in love with Savannah, enjoyed the beaches of St Simon Island and


Florida Roadside attractions: “Kitschy” St Augustine

By Cacinda Maloney As the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine is rich in history, architecture and charm, yet it still has those “kitschy” Florida roadside attractions that Florida is famous for. With places like Flagler College (yes, a college can be a tourist attraction!) to Castillo de San Marcos Fort, it is a city worth exploring and I certainly can't wait to


USA Travel: Things to do in Savannah GA

By Cacinda Maloney Get yourself into that Southern mood, the sweet sickness that is Savannah's lure. I call it le mal doux, which is French for "the sweet sickness". How? You ask? Read or see the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, before you take on the task of visiting and finding things to do in Savannah, GA. Savannah lies on the Savannah River, approximately


What to Pack for a Ski Week in Telluride, CO

By Cacinda Maloney Telluride, CO, photo courtesy of Telluride Ski Resort What to bring?  What will I wear?  What to leave home.  Those are the questions I attempt to answer as I make a ski week packing list.  I try to be a “carry-on” only luggage person, but sometimes I even fail at this attempt, so for me it does matter how long


Georgia’s Golden Oldies: St. Simons Island

By Cacinda Maloney A flicker of light caught my eye, as I squinted in the stark sun to look at miles and miles of sandy brown coastline with its sprigs of green grass. Standing there with my toes in the sand and looking both ways up and down the beach, I saw only a few people and four miles of beach and was lucky to


Wine me, Dine me and Spa: Hyatt Scottsdale, AZ

By Cacinda Maloney Living in a resort town, I know that when I am home I sure enjoy a “staycation” to relax from all the traveling that I do. I am lucky in that I have so many great choices to choose from here in the Scottsdale/Phoenix metroplex. Recently, I had a chance to try out one of the most amazing spa’s here in town,


Milford, PA: At the Crossroads for East Coast Vacationers

By Cacinda Maloney Coming around the backside and corner of the Hotel Fauchere, I entered going down the stairs and thru the back door. Unbeknownst to me, I came at it all wrong and should have entered thru its glorious navy-blue double French front doors with red and white striped awnings out in front and even a black rocking chair on the sidewalk to get


Gateway to the Pocono Mountains: Jim Thorpe, PA

By Cacinda Maloney The Inn at Pocono Manor, Pocono, PA From the Philadelphia airport I ventured off to Poconos, PA where I was in for a treat on the lovely grounds of The Inn at Pocono Manor, who treated my travel group to amazing autumn-inspired drinks, hors d'oeuvres and a sit-down dinner of encrusted almond lamb chops, filet mignon and lobster. They laid out


Native American Wisdom – Sheraton Wild Horse Pass

By Cacinda Maloney Sheraton Wild Horse Pass, Phoenix, AZ If there is one thing you need to know about Arizona, it is that it is beautiful. Not Italy beautiful, but desert beautiful… beauty in its own way. The purple hue of the mountains against the colors of the desert make for a landscape all its own, one that reminds you of the past,

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