King Cakes Origin and Recipes

King Cakes Origin and Recipes I recently was on a trip to Lake Charles, Lousiana for Mardi Gras where I encountered the making of a King Cake! "A what, I asked?" Being from the South, you would think I would have heard of all the desserts out there but never had I heard those words before. There are some words related to food that we eat knowing nothing


Foods of Louisiana You Must Try

Louisiana is known for many things: music, culture, but most importantly, cuisine! The foods from Louisiana are often on the spicier side and known all around the world as "Cajun Cuisine". The history of recipes and foods of Louisiana is an interesting one. There are influences from France, Spain, Africa, and India. However, there are parts of Louisiana that offer a more soul food-like experience. Where


Authentic Italian Recipes for the Soul

Authenticity in food is a very fluid concept, especially when looking for authentic food from a specific country. Authentic Italian food to the baker on the corner in Tuscany could be different to the pastry chef down the street, much less the difference in different regions of Italy. In fact, the same recipe can taste different from chef to chef and all of them will


Foodie Heaven: Benazuza, Cancun, Mexico

By Cacinda Maloney Benazuza, Cancun, Mexico The mysterious drink appeared at the bar, sugar cane chunks immersed in a cocktail. The bartender instructed us to “chew the sugar cane to soak up the drink!” What a fun way to “drink a cocktail”, by not actually drinking it, but chewing the juice out! When foodies go on vacation, they dream about adventures in flavor.


Food, Friendship and Wine: LeMarche Region, Italy

  Academia del Padlòt at Palazzo Donati kitchen Homemade, handmade pasta Coradella – lamb’s liver with garlic Deep in the caverns of a palatial kitchen, we sang and laughed, as we tasted the flavorful homemade food, high in the hills of Mercatello sul Metauro, Italy.  I heard the sounds of many languages, laughter, and songs, as I popped fava


A weekend trip to Cesenatico along the Adriatic Sea, Italy

If you have not had a chance to visit the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, then I have a treat for you.  I know I have told stories about this region before.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love the big four: Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice, as much as the next guy, but honestly, the crowds are getting almost too much for me to bear, and


Top Secrets of Rome, Italy Revealed: Food!

I had no idea you guys loved your pizza so much! When I posted a photo of some pizza I had in Rome. I overwhelmingly got so many comments and "likes" on my facebook page that I decided to write about some interesting foods I have discovered in Rome. Pizza from Pizza del Teatro, Rome, Italy I was making my way to the


Altavita Winery – The High Life of Cesena, Italy

  AtlaVita Winery, Cesena, Italy Altavita Winery - The High Life of Cesena, Italy Sometimes in my life and in my travels, I meet people who are living their life to the fullest.  I immediately get a sense that they know what they want and go after it.  And Alessandra Giunchi of Cesena, Italy was no exception.  Handsome, smart and from a family


Le Rune, Genoa, Italy

  LaRune RestaurantGenoa, ItalyBW City Hotel You know a restaurant is good when you show up with a reservation and there is not a single seat available in the house. LeRune RestaurantGenoa, ItalyBW City Hotel The place was abuzz when I arrived at Le Rune, in Genoa. Italy, it is the flagship restaurant to the BW City Hotel.  The downstairs was


Get the Scoop on the Best Gelato in Rome,Italy!

Updated August 2015 Gelato in Rome Gelato in Rome Looking for the Best Gelato in Rome! We headed down Via dei Coronari knowing it was around here somewhere.  We had been here before and knew we had to find it again. We were somewhere near Piazza Navona when we ended up finding it tucked in an alleyway beside a  stone stairway with a secret-like entrance next


Ahh! The Foods of Cuenca, Ecuador

By Cacinda Maloney This post is the #4 post in a series of posts regarding taking a trip to Ecuador: Post #1:  Cuenca, Ecuador:  Stepping Back in Time Post #2: Chordeleg:  A Day Trip from Cuenca Post #3: The Markets in Cuenca, Ecuador Post #4:  Ahh! The Foods of Cuenca, Ecuador We had gotten a lot of recommendations for places to eat in Cuenca.  Everything


The Markets in Cuenca, Ecuador

Updated August 2015 By Cacinda Maloney The Markets in Ecuador Indigenous Markets Ecuador is famous for its colorful indigenous markets. The most famous of them is in Otavalo, northwest of Quito. There are many indigenous markets in Ecuador, but Otavalo is the most well known for international visitors. Cuenca, on the other hand, has lesser known, but more local markets spread throughout the city. Map of


Oldest Coffee House in Italy reopens after restoration: Caffe Florian, Venice, Italy

Wouldn't mind going here for a cup of coffee (even though I don't drink coffee!).  Italy's oldest coffee house has opened its doors after restoration to its former glory. Caffe Florian first opened on San Marco Square in Venice in 1720.  The hall is named after influential Venetian figures who are portrayed in the oil paintings. RECOMMENDED READING: Authentic Italian Recipes for the Soul Tuscany

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