5 Ways to Travel and Earn Money at the Same Time

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5 Ways to Travel and Earn Money at the Same Time

All inclusive value-luxury resort in Jamaica

Sandals – All inclusive value-luxury resort in Jamaica

5 Ways to Travel and Earn Money at the Same Time

Traveling is not cheap – there are accommodation, flights, day trips and food to think about, as well as rent, mortgage or phone bills back home. Even if you’re a budget traveller, money can still disappear relatively quickly. To combat going through all your savings while away, below are five ways to travel and earn at the same time.

1. Trading

A flexible option for those who want to keep their days (or nights) free when traveling is an online mode of potential income such as foreign exchange (Forex) trading. I have heard of a travel blogger that is doing this called Wandering Trader. I don’t do it myself, but I know it can be done. If you’re a bit unsure of how to start though, there is plenty of information out there to explore. Resources like currency trading for dummies are available through companies such as Learn to Trade, which provides Forex courses for the beginner trader right through to the serious investor.

2. Photography

A known fact about traveling: you will take plenty of pictures. If you take a decent shot, and love doing it in the process, then why not use this to your advantage and earn some money from it. Before you even leave, do a search of companies that might be looking for some stock images, or even sell your pictures to tourism websites for some extra cash. If you get really lucky, you may even find a magazine or book publisher wanting to buy your work.

All inclusive value-luxury resort in Jamaica

Sunset at the All inclusive value-luxury resort in Jamaica

3. Seasonal Work

If you’re somebody that loves to travel then you obviously don’t mind being outdoors a bit. The ideal work for somebody like this is to try your hand at seasonal jobs. This sort of work can include vegetable picking, collecting grapes at wineries, throwing some weight around at a fish market, or picking flowers to sell with the locals. Jobs such as these are available all around the world, and plenty of hands make light work.

4. Bars

If you’re extremely personable then getting work in bars, restaurants or hotels is the way to go. Tourist hot-spots in particular love to employ foreigners as they are there to work hard and meet a lot of new people. Another income option along the same lines is reception work in hostels. This is another great place to meet fellow travelers while you earn money for your next adventure.

5. Camps and Cruises


Summer Camp

Many countries, particularly in America, will have school or summer camps that international travelers can get involved in. Placements could be anything from a few weeks to a few months. Cruise ships throughout Europe are also popular for working travelers as they offer stops in a variety of locations and provide a broad spectrum of jobs from deck hands to dancers. The great thing about working at school camps or on cruise ships is that it can be for short spurts, so you can get in some of your own traveling in between schedules.

That photo above is of my son who traveled to Jamaica to become an intern at a summer camp. Earning money while abroad can be extremely useful for the avid traveller; however, it’s important to remember to not over-dedicate time to working when you’re on holidays. Set up your bank account before you go, and then you will be ready for work and play!

Questions to ask yourself: What skills do you have that could be applied to one of the work environments above while traveling? Think about what you are good at, are you an introvert or an extrovert?  What types of jobs would be good for you?


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