The Most Amazing Travel Product Ever! Relax ALLY

By Dr. Cacinda Maloney

I couldn’t wait to get out out of there.  I was exhausted, my head pounding from my pain , for good pain use tramadol ful stiff neck.  Sitting on that damn plane for hours, with little to no sleep.  I had arrived in “The Eternal City”, my city of Rome.  Boarding that plane, I was excited, and wide eyed, now 16 hours and 35 minutes later with a change of planes, I was exhausted.  Here I had arrived in the city whose history spans more than two and half thousand years and all I wanted to do was go to my hotel and sleep.

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Has this ever happened to you?

I have been traveling every six weeks of my life for well over 19 years and this doesn’t happen every time I travel, but it has happened enough times that I have a ‘system of travel’ and I bring along products to try to minimize the impact of long-haul travel.

Traveling was a decision I made a long time ago and one of the best ones I have made in my life.  It has brought me much happiness and joy to an otherwise very busy lifestyle.  So, you can imagine how happy I was when I was introduced to this product that I have had difficulty with for many years.

Relax ALLY

Relax ALLY

When I travel, I love to fly First or Business Class, but i don’t always get to.  I use frequent flyer miles often and I can get pretty stingy with those.  I also never complain when someone else buys me an economy class ticket! I have a family of four, and when we travel it can get pretty difficult to purchase 4 business class tickets (or use miles) and to decide who gets to sit up front on those long hauls (sometimes we split them 2/2).   Since I love to travel, I will never let a 14-hour ECONOMY class ticket hold me back!  This issue was one that many frequent flyers have had and so the Finnish Aalto University in Helsinki challenged themselves in order to find a radical innovation (an amazing travel product) that, quite frankly, I wish I had invented myself!

 How to sleep on a plane.

Well, now that you know about this product, you will know exactly how to sleep on a plane and you don’t even need the middle seat, it can attach to almost any seat, as the device fits most current seating arrangements.

Relax ALLY

Famous Travel Writer trying out Relax ALLY
Neikie of Traveltester and Dr. Cacinda Maloney

The Product:  Relax ALLY 3-in-1 Travel Restband

The Relax ALLY 3-in-1 Restband fastens the head firmly to the seat and prevents the head from nodding off, thus stopping interruption from sleep!  Genius! The ergonomic posture allows muscles to relax and helps you fall asleep while sitting straight up.

Relax ALLY

Famous Travel Writer trying out Relax ALLY
Dr. Cacinda Maloney


How awesome is that?!

And you and I both know that the current existing travel sleep aid solutions on the market, such as the conventional travel neck pillow, simply do not work in all situations due to gravity and not being able to be completely relaxed while sitting up.

Relax ALLY

Famous Travel Writer in Finland trying out Relax ALLY
Janicke Hansen of Norske reiseblogger

At first, it may seem awkward to strap it to the chair and to your head, but if you think about the benefits you will be receiving over the course of a long flight, you can imagine its wonderful benefits.   There is nothing worse, getting off of a long distance flight and you feel like you just got beat up.

Relax ALLY

Famous Travel Writers trying out Relax ALLY, Katja of Skimbaco Lifestyle  and Melvin of Traveldudes

The Relax ALLY 3-in-1 Relaxband comes with the relax band, a sleeping mask and a pocket with earplugs!  Their motto is simple:  1. Fasten 2. Adjust 3. Relax.  You can order it online and they will also be at several travel product shows throughout the year.  Be sure and use the savings code TRAV3LAX100 for 20% off, that can be applied at the checkout until the end of March 2014.

At last, you will be able to sleep uninterrupted without a sore neck upon arrival!

And how do I know?

Because I am a licensed Chiropractor in the state of Arizona, USA.  I have been called Dr. Maloney for 19 years and own a Chiropractic Rehabilitation Clinic. I have evaluated the Relax ALLY 3-in-1 Restband and in my professional opinion, this product can minimize micro-trauma injury to the weight bearing ligaments and muscles in the cervical spine while sitting for extended periods of time. Microtraumas often cause swelling that you cannot see or feel to the touch, but they can cause tightness, discomfort, tenderness, and pain.

Disclosure:  I received a sample of this product at MATKA, The Nordic Travel Fair in Helsinki, Finland, where I was one of 43 official travel bloggers accepted for the Nordic Blogger Experience #NBEFinland.



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  1. Clint @ Triphackr February 18, 2014 at 8:57 pm

    This is great! I have tried to “invent” this myself countless times to keep myself from bobbing all flight long but nothing ever works. At this point I don’t care what I look like while I am fast asleep on the plane. Might have to give this thing a chance!

    • admin February 18, 2014 at 9:22 pm

      Ditto, and I tried it and it worked for me!!

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  3. Thomas Marinaro March 3, 2014 at 5:02 am

    Great article.
    Thank you.

    • admin March 3, 2014 at 9:03 am

      Glad you liked it, you must try Relax ALLY for yourself!

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