By Cacinda Maloney

Boredom Busters

Paris, France – EiffelTower

4 Life Hacks to Break Life’s Dullness:


It’s easy to get bored with your day-to-day, but sometimes all you need is the crunch of something new!

Travel: Plan a trip

  • When you are busy planning a trip, you do not have moments to think about how bored you are, because you need to spend time working out the details of the trip. Trips can be anything from exotic and complex to simple and in a town you may already know.  Either way, you have to figure out where to go, what to do and go thru the process of purchasing tickets, make reservations and many other details to pull the trip off.  Better yet, do it for the one you love as a surprise, which will make it even that much more special!

Search Around on Pinterest for a Trip

If you can’t afford a trip right now, spend a little time on Pinterest and figure out where you want to go. I have been using it a lot lately and it really does help me decide where I want to go next. Be sure to make a plan about your finances and budget accordingly over the next 6 months. For years, my husband and I used to a trip to dangle in front of us like a carrot. This kept us engaged in the budget at hand and yet we always had something to look forward to. Remember, I have traveled every six weeks of my life for over 20 years, it can be done! (And believe me, we have had to make sacrifices to make that happen.)

Here’s a trip I planned for the one I love:

Paris France! It is his favorite city in the whole wide world … his Dad had an apartment there when he was a teenager and he has fond memories of that city. It was quite a it to pull off, since my husband is a Physician. I actually had to hire him a cover doctor for the week and he is very picky about who sees his patients! Yikes! He thought we were going to San Diego for the long weekend, but little did he know! He was completely surprised and I was happy to pull it off!

4 Life Hacks to Break Life’s Dullness

Listen to Your Favorite Tune

  • The moment you wake up to take that flight, crank up the volume of your favorite song on your phone. If you start your day listening to your favorite tune, life should only get better from there. Better yet, set your alarm to play your favorite song all the time, that way it will already be playing as you rise and immediately make you feel better.
Boredom Busters

What I carry in my Ebag Motherlode Backpack for my upcoming flight to France

4 Life Hacks to Break Life’s Dullness

Take a Nestlé® Crunch® Break

  • While packing, make sure to pack a delicious alternative to plain chocolate, a Nestlé® Crunch® bar. I actually like the small fun-sized bars for a quick pick-me-up, while running around and getting everything ready for an upcoming trip. They are great for airport snacks. The fun sized bars are airy crisped rice, perfectly portioned and individually wrapped. At least I know that all Crunch® products are made in the U.S. with real milk chocolate, sustainable cocoa beans, and have no artificial colors or flavors! The photo above features what I carry in my Ebag Motherlode Backpack for my upcoming flight to France.
Boredom Busters

Plan an outfit – Photo Courtesy of MeaganoTravels

4 Life Hacks to Break Life’s Dullness

Go Buy An Outfit and Dress Up

  • Go shopping and dress up in clothes that make you feel happy for your next trip. You deserve it.  Take a little extra time doing your makeup or your hair if you are a gal. If a guy, go buy some nice smelling cologne or new hair products to make you feel like doing something extra for yourself. If you look good, you will feel good!
Boredom Busters

Eat a Nestlé® Crunch® Bar

I am inviting you to participate in a quick $20 giveaway worth of Nestlé® Crunch®, It is great for a pick-me-up!  See below:


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