By Cacinda Maloney

Women’s clothing designer Jia Li, of Jia Collection is taking travel wear to a whole new level with modern reversible clothing and making it stylish and chic.  She features an array of dresses, tops and jackets, all of which can be worn at least two different ways.

Jia Collection

Jia Collection

Which I think is a fantastic idea for travel wear and allows me to get value out of my luxury clothing.

Jia Collection

Jia Collection- Perla Gold

I was thrilled to be in touch with her, as I had just read her interview in Forbes Magazine about how she is rethinking work wear through convertible designs.  For me, work is travel and so I was thrilled to hear about her new ideas in women’s travel clothing.  She decided to launch her own collection designed for modern women who need versatile fashion designs for work, travel and leisure. She stated in the interview “I want my designs to bring maximum value to customers in every possible way via a unique blend of design, quality, and price point.” This piqued my interest, since my niche in travel is ‘value luxury’, searching for the point in travel, in this case travel-related clothing where luxury and price intersect.

Jia Collection

Jia Collection – Perla Gold

Since my past experience with travel-related clothing has fallen in the realm of three-piece black knit wear or zip-off pant leg cargo pants in various earth-tone colors, I was thrilled to take a look at her collection.  If you are like me, when it comes to travel clothing, I want clothes that are made from quality fabrics, are comfortable for travel, and are easily washable and travel well.

What I also like about her collection is the “inside/outside” concept.  Traditionally, there is always an inside/outside of each piece of clothing, but she makes clothes where the inside can become outside and vice versa. This way, a travel clothing piece is utilized to its maximum potential.

Jia Collection

Jia Collection – Perla White

Oh, and one last thing, I need clothes that are age appropriate for me! I read articles where young gals say they are packing a sarong and sunglasses for the beach trip to Fiji!  Well, that doesn’t really work for me!  At my age, it is important to maintain coverage in the clothes that I wear.

On her website, I flipped through pages and pages of clothing, until I picked out the perfect piece – the Perla Sweater.  It is a reversible cardigan that has draped lapels loosely around the neck and contrast colored cuffed sleeves.  The solid textured cotton white side is a more casual look or it can be switched to the shimmery gold side for a more chic night time look.  It comes with a coordinating belt.

The day it arrived, I was thrilled to open it up and see the actual piece in person.  It did not disappoint, as it was gorgeous! And the material is was made from was a cotton/rayon/nylon blend, which appears to be a very sophisticated fabric.

Jia Collection - Perla

Jia Collection – Perla

For a person like me, I am always on the go, and wearing a cardigan that can quickly transform from a day look to a night look, or a casual meeting to a more elegant one is perfect.  I feel like the collection is designed with a more cosmopolitan woman in mind, who is traveling and needs to pack light, but stylish and modern.

As you can see from her collection names:

Jia Collection Names

Jia Collection Names

Jia Li is a woman after the hearts of travelers, as she names collections based on some of the most romantic names in luxe travel. Her collections are versatile for each of these trips that an elegant woman would take.

Disclosure:  I was provided the Perla jacket from the Jia Collection for review. That in no way persuaded me to write such a glowing review of the most beautiful, reversible travel cardigan I have ever seen!