Exploring Venice: Best Things to do in Venice Italy

If you ask me how I like to travel, I would say “solo.” As a photographer, I find it’s easier to wander alone and take my time to get exactly the right shot. So on my third visit exploring, I found some of the best things to do in Venice, Italy.  I was totally prepared to take in a day at the Carnival of  Venice,


Venice – Behind the Mask

I’m a collector of masks. On display in my home are over 30 masks carefully carted back as my treasures from visits to faraway lands. So naturally, heading to Venice, I was keen on picking up a few Venice masks to add to my collection. I timed my visit to be there during the last three days of the Carnival of Venice so as to


Carnival of Venice

Photo by Donnie Sexton Hands down, the most spectacular event I’ve ever witnessed has to be the Carnival of Venice. I didn’t rent a costume or pay to attend any of the masquerade balls, but I had the time of my life wandering this historical city and being utterly bedazzled by the continual parade of costumed people there to celebrate. Photo by


Things to do in Venice, Italy

Updated June 2017 Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go - Truman Capote Venice, Italy Ok, I admit it, I ate the entire box!  How can you not when we are talking about Venice, Venice, Italy with its maze of narrow streets Venice, Italy hundreds of canals and bridges and all its beauty?


I dream of Venice, Italy

By Cacinda Maloney "If you read a lot, nothing is as great as you've imagined.  Venice is -- Venice is better."  Fran Lebowitz What do you most want to see or do when you are there? More than anything, I would just love to "be" there.  You know,  "to be" and not "to do"?  The "being" part is the key.  It affects what I am

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