Wanderings Through Istanbul, Turkey

Wanderings Through Istanbul, Turkey It is an early weekday morning as I stare out the window of my yellow taxi passing a multitude of red and blue celebration flags. No matter how often I visit exotic Istanbul, Turkey, I always feel like there is something majestic and mysterious about it. Something wafting in the air that makes this place different than all the rest. Maybe


Patriotism at its best: Republic Day in Istanbul, Turkey

  The flag of Istanbul, Turkey Photos that form a Patriotism Essay: While I was in Istanbul, it was a national holiday known as Republic Day, and the flags of Turkey were out in full force. It was the best display of patriotism I have ever encountered. The flags of Istanbul, Turkey  There was a religious holiday going on as well, so


Cistern Istanbul

Cistern Istanbul Cistern Istanbul is an extraordinary subterranean structure, built by Justinian in 532 AD. It is the largest surviving Byzantine cistern in İstanbul City. Apparently, there are several cisterns in Istanbul. It is now one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. It is especially popular during the summer when its cavernous depths stay wonderfully cool. The line to get in is a little


Things to do in Istanbul and Santa Sophia Istanbul

  Things to do in Istanbul For so many years, I have wanted to go to Istanbul City. I never really had an idea about what it would be like, but knew that it was a right dab in the middle of the East and the West.  Straddling both Europe and Asia, making it the only city in the world to sit across two continents.  Somehow,


Chora Church, One of the Most Beautiful Churches in the World

Updated August 2015 By Cacinda Maloney   Chora Church The sights and sounds that are Istanbul are so difficult to explain, I tried to show you this thru my streets of Istanbul photograph post.  At first, I was so overwhelmed with the mass difference between the USA and Turkey, that I had a hard time describing my emotions and thoughts about Istanbul. It has taken me


Things to do in Istanbul: Discover Istanbul Cats!

Things to do in Istanbul   Now honestly,  I didn't start out taking photographs of Istanbul cats. I was just going about my day, shopping in Istanbul, when I would spot one or two. Istanbul Cats Istanbul Cats In fact, I have to say that while I was there, I did notice an abundance of felines, but was so enamored by


A Journey through the streets of Istanbul, not Constantinople!

“Istanbul was Constantinople.” “Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople.” “Been a long time gone, Constantinople.” Istanbul, not Constantinople “Now it’s a Turkish delight on a moonlit night” Istanbul, not Constantinople   Didn’t we all have to learn that song while in school? Istanbul, not Constantinople   Istanbul is a journey unto itself. Istanbul, not Constantinople I barely scraped


Khol (كحل‎) Eyeliner and the Evil Eye (عين الحسود‎)

Many women in the Middle East are known for their exotic beauty.  Almost all of them looked beautiful to me!  Actually, it was difficult to figure out if they were beautiful or not, based only on their eyes.  So it is understandable that they would use this Kohl eyeliner to deepen the mystery about their eyes, they use Khol (كحل‎) Eyeliner and the Evil Eye (عين

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