Snorkeling with Beluga Whales in the Wild

Snorkeling with Beluga Whales On day two of my trip to Churchill, the weather wasn't as good as when I went kayaking with beluga whales the day before. It looked overcast and cold outside, but the guides decided that this was our only chance to do it: Go Snorkeling with Beluga Whales! I was actually going to get into the freezing Churchill River at the mouth of the


Kayaking with Beluga Whales

My Beluga whale day was gorgeous ... relatively speaking for a Summer Arctic adventure in Northern Manitoba, Canada with Lazy Bear Expeditions in Churchill on the Hudson Bay, to be exact. The weather was in the low 60's, but the sun was shining! We took the sea kayaks out for the day. Dragging mine behind me from the beach to shore was quite a feat


Beluga Whale and Polar Bear Safari: Churchill Manitoba

Gliding in on the charter plane near Churchill Manitoba, I knew I was in for a treat of nature. The area was full of polar bears and beluga whales during its Arctic Summer in Canada's Great White North. With over 3,000 Beluga whales migrating into the Hudson Bay and 1,000 Polar bears leaving the melting arctic ice, this was an amazing time to visit Churchill Manitoba.