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By Cacinda Maloney

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Easy Healthy Meals

Easy Healthy Meals – Photo courtesy of IONutrition

I like to think that since I am a mother and a wife, that I take care of my family, even when I am on the road! What does world traveler Dr. Cacinda Maloney do when she is on the road? Having traveled to 17 countries in 2014 and 16 countries so far this year (and that even included my 40 day+ HOMEcation!) Here is my secret: I order easy healthy meals and weekly meals to be delivered to the house when I am gone from IONutrition! They help my keep my family healthy while I am on the road. I am sure there are plenty of women that are blazing trails working from the road that could use this service. As this service was designed specifically to help those who are pressed for time, yet still want healthy foods to choose from or for working women who have a hard time putting healthy meals on the table, like me!

I am off again, this time for almost 3 weeks to the South of France working with a multitude of travel related brands while I am there.

Easy Healthy Meals

Heres how it works

They deliver easy healthy meals right to our doorstep, so that it makes it easier for the boys to stay on the healthy track while I am gone. The easy healthy meals come delivered on Fridays and they come prepackaged in containers that are delivered nationwide by Fedex/UPS and are in an insulated, refrigerated container. However, they are not frozen meals. If no one is home when they are delivered, the box sits on the front porch until someone has a chance to get it. I live in the hot Arizona sun and even with the sun beating down on the box, it stays cool enough in the box until my family is able to retrieve it the same day. Since my teenage son is home first, he is in charge of getting the healthy meal from the porch and refrigerating it. Then he and his Dad decide each night which meals they want to heat up. They choose the microwave method! The meals are packaged in microwave safe containers. After puncturing a few holes in the sealing film, the easy healthy meals can be warmed in 2–3 minutes on a high setting.

Easy Healthy Meals

Photos Courtesy of IONutrition

Then they sit down and eat together! (I usually receive a text message from them about now!)

Easy Healthy Meals

Easy Healthy Meals – Photo Courtesy of IONutrition

And since they do need gentle reminders about deliver! I send them text/emails to let them know on which day and what is being delivered because I have a copy of that information in my emails

Easy Healthy Meals

Easy Healthy Meals – Photo courtesy of IONutrition

Now these are not ordinary meals that you could buy at the grocery store.  They are fast and easy healthy meals, with emphasis on the healthy part! The meals are organic, gluten-free, chef prepared and delivered weekly straight to your door! Every meal is made fresh when you order. IONutrition only uses natural ingredients, free-range chicken, wild fish, and grass fed beef.

Easy Healthy Meals

Taste and Cost

But more than that??  How do these easy healthy meals taste and how much do they COST?  Those are things I was always the most interested, being the points crazy mom, looking for the right value for the price that I was willing to pay. These meals are certainly value luxury!

Let’s talk price first: Looking at the pricing plans, they range from $105 a week to $266 a week. You do not have to commit to a specific number of weeks per month beyond the first week. You may hold or cancel your meal plan at anytime as long as you do so by the cancellation deadline (Monday, 12:00pm PST). In my humble opinion and what works best for us are these two plans:

Easy Healthy Meals

Easy Healthy Meals – Pricing Plan


Easy Healthy Meals

Easy Healthy Meals – Pricing Plans

There is a 15% off promo code for meal plans on IONutrition website (excludes  ‘A la Carte’ menu): POINTS

Now about TASTE!  My family loved most of the meals! We are a meat and potatoes type of family and we are used to one entree, usually beef or fish and some vegetables, yet cutting back on the bread and potatoes because of the excess carbs. This is exactly what we get, low carb meals that are ready and packed to be easy, healthy meals

They have a lot of options, so you can easily make the choices.


Have you tried a meal delivery service before?  Let me know your experiences!

Disclosure:  I received one week’s worth of easy heathy meals for my family from IONutrition. Every order after that is all on my own.



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