By Guest Writer Jennifer Anders

Eight Must Have Items When Traveling

Deciding what to take on your travelling adventure is difficult. You have limited space and don’t want to carry unnecessary luggage. With this handy guide, we’ve made it a little easier. Here are eight essential items that you can’t leave home without.

1. Camera

You’ll want to document all those special moments along the way. Take extra memory and a card reader so you can easily transfer photos to a CD or computer. Uploading to an online storage website is a great way to save those photos securely just in case you lose your camera.

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2. iPod Nano

Those uncomfortable bus journeys and long flights could be made much more fun with a portable media player. With its sleek and lightweight design, the iPod Nano is perfect for traveling. You can find the device available from Tesco and many other big retailers. It saves valuable space and has an impressive capacity with storage of up to 4,000 songs.There’s also video playback which means you can enjoy a movie or two.

Eight Must Have Items When Traveling


3. A lamp or headlamp

If you’re visiting developing countries there may not be constant electricity. During power shortages, a headlamp can save the day. Those which can be worn across your forehead are particular useful. This can also be used for trekking and other night time excursions.

4. Travel towel

Lower budget hotels and guesthouse may not provide a towel. Even if they do, it’s always handy to carry your own. Travel friendly towels are made of microfibers which are lightweight and fast drying. You can carry them in your rucksack, folding them down to a very small size.

5. Ear plugs

These are a lifesaver especially if you’re spending the night in a shared dorm. They’ll block any noise from the most aggressive snorer. They’re also helpful on train journey and flights, allowing you to get some much deserved rest.

Eight Must Have Items When Traveling

Ear Plugs

6. A clothes line

If you’re heading to some far off places, there may be occasions where you have to do your own laundry. With nowhere to hang wet clothes, it can take forever to get them dry. A clothes line will solve this problem.

7. Padlocks

Safeguard your luggage as best as possible with the use of padlocks or a combination lock. This should be used at all times. It may deter the petty thief from rummaging through your bag. They’re very cheap and can be bought at most airports.

8. Mosquito repellent

If you’re traveling to a particularly hot country where there are likely to be lots of mosquitos, you should buy some good repellent and a net. This will keep you safe, avoid those itchy red bites and you’ll also enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Just like Dr. Cacinda Maloney, my favorite is Cactus Juice from Honduras.

Eight Must Have Items When Traveling

Cactus Juice


There’s still more to cram in that backpack but these essentials should save a lot hassle, allowing you to make the most of your trip.

Jennifer Anders

Jennifer Anders

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