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While travel does not necessarily require you to be in shape, it can be a great platform for you to launch a new version of you – one that is health-focused, caring, and able to commit to their own stated fitness goals. This is because when you’re abroad you often feel like a new person, and have the heart to try new things. Additionally, developing a more comprehensive sense of who you are is often found through fitness and travel respectfully, and so combining the two can be extremely powerful.

Unfortunately, many guides that discuss health on vacation simply teach you to stay away from carb-heavy meals or to avoid enjoying yourself at all. You should be able to drink an authentic glass of wine while on vacation, have fun, and also commit yourself to new experiences and take care of yourself. Nothing you read in the following words will try to dissuade you from that.

In fact, with the following advice, you’ll be sure to get fit while traveling without knowing much about it for the most part. Let us see why that is:

Get Fit by Traveling

Try Surfing

There are many excellent surf spots across the coasts of many countries. Not only does this give you an excuse to spend all day at the beach, but chasing the waves, enjoying the communal aspect of learning this hobby, swimming in the water all day and having an absolute blast while performing all of this can give you many great workouts in one day. Not only is swimming one of the best forms of cardio (if not the best), you will also be stretching as you maintain control of your board, taking part in short sprints as you run from the beach to catch a wave, and will likely be more active than you realize.

When you’re having an amazing time, you forget about the physical energy you’re exerting. Not only that, but surfing to a degree can be easy to learn and hard to master, meaning that you will always be stimulated and never bored with this approach. That can make a real difference.

Try Hiking

If you want to see more of a country, you may think that booking a helicopter ride or driving around is the best option. But we would disagree with that, despite how much ground you can cover this way. Hiking is a vastly superior option if you’re hoping to connect with the ground of those around you, and wish to explore territory in the most authentic sense.

Hiking is not only a physically demanding task and remains good for the soul, but allows you to have conversations with your walking partner, opens you up to experiencing roads that cars cannot pass, or even old pilgrimage routes that have been hallowed and appreciated in history for some time. Additionally, aside from somewhat of a base level of fitness, orientation and some supportive footwear, hiking is absolutely free and requires very little in terms of training, because odds are you have been practising walking for most of your life.

Try Skiing

Skiing and snowboarding can seem quite worrying at first, especially to those who have yet to even take a winter vacation, yet to head up a mountain and race to the bottom of it on two sliding pieces made from fiberglass, steel, aluminum alloy, or plastic. 

That being said, skiing can really get you in shape, and there are many beginners courses and rental options for you to get set up without having to worry about the pomp and circumstance of being perfect, or putting yourself in a situation you may not be comfortable with. Even starter skiing can be a good workout, and like swimming, is thoroughly fun. Additionally, it can open you up to some of the most beautiful views you could ever witness, which is perhaps one of the major perks of being at such an altitude.

Health Is Not Solely Exercise

While we have listed some excellent exercise-friendly vacationing activities here, remember, health is not solely exercising. It might be getting more sun and Vitamin D, or heading to a meditation retreat, or spending some great time in good company away from the usual intense tourist traps you are part of. Health is not solely exercise, even away from vacation, and while this is important it can be that you find your potential health considerations elsewhere.

With this advice, you are sure to get as fit as can be while traveling, without feeling as though there’s an intense burden on you to make those perfect decisions throughout.

Sharing is Caring!