By Cacinda Maloney

Green River, UT USA

Green River, UT USA

I have never been much of a camper.  Honestly, I never really liked it too much. When my youngest son was in the Boy Scouts, part of the whole organization is about camping and hiking.  Hiking is one of the other things I really don’t like either!  So having been dragged to more than my share of tent camping and hiking with gear on my back, I have decided it is not really for me.  It involves a lot of work, only to be followed by a whole lot more work to pitch the tent!

Actually, thinking back on it, sleeping on a cold rocky ground is just not my idea of a great vacation. I even remember one camping trip where I was so cold, I had to go sleep in the Range Rover and turn it on for the heat from 3 am till 6 am and also on another trip where the boy scouts were supposed to sleep outside in tents or hammocks, but ultimately ended up going to a friend’s cabin in the area because they were so cold they were frozen!  Honestly, I think I have given it a fair chance.

Green River, UT USA

Green River, UT USA

Even the time when I went to a whitewater river rafting trip with C.R.A.T.E. down the Green River in Utah.  Now that company was more high end, but still, I had to pitch my own tent every night and I can still recall the first night when I pitched my tent, zipped myself inside of it and cried.  That’s right, I cried because this was such a foreign concept to me.  If it wasn’t for the great people on that trip, I don’t think I would have ever made it but by the end, I grew completely accustomed to having dirty hair and using the “bathroom” in the great outdoors!

I mean, I love nature, but I just prefer it in a more upscale version! You know me, I am the “value luxury” queen of vacations!

Now I am asking myself if “should I give glamping a try?”

“Glamping?”  You say.  “What is that?”

Glamping is a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. The word is a hybrid of the words “glamorous” and “camping”. While glamorous and camping are not two words ever used to describe my travel style, combined together, it may just have possibilities.

Some things I love about the idea of glamping:

1. There are glamping options that center around a theme: safari, nature, meditation, romantic, fly-fishing, and horseback riding.

2.  You don’t need to do all the work with glamping. If it involves a tent, someone has pitched that tent for you. They do the setup, the cooking, and the cleaning up afterward!

3.  You can glamp in all sorts of locations, from tree houses to yurts to cabins in the woods, to the beach.  Also, jungles to Bedouin tents in the desert.

4.  Glamping doesn’t mean roughing it. Some glamping locations have even been awarded 5-stars by Forbes. For example, the Ranch at Rock Creek is nestled amid Montana’s most breathtaking landscape, and is an all-inclusive luxury ranch resort offering a western adventure, but with comfort.  One can indulge in a relaxing massage treatment after lunch, ride horseback at sunset, and taste world-class cuisine in the evening.

So I think I can at least try this glamping thing!! How about you?


Disclosure: This article was sponsored by Rock Creek Ranch.

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