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Genoa color coordination

Some of my most vivid memories of Italy are those where the laundry is hanging on the line just outside the deep forest green window shutters.  Throughout Liguria (a region in Italy), I kept seeing these amazingly deep green shutters and then… there they were … lines of colored laundry.

Camogli, Italy

so elegantly hung, as only the Italians can do.  Just this ordinary laundry makes Italy so charming to me!

 The photo above depicts an Italian Moms day was pink and white. I can almost picture her in my mind wearing that fuchsia trimmed pink robe and comfy slippers.

Camogli,Italy street art

This is a way of life for most people in Italy and the visual really depicts the culture and lifestyle of the Italians.

 Italian Laundry - Street ArtOn some days, there are only a few pieces to be hung.

Very few homes in Italy have a clothes dryer,  only about 4% have tumble dryers, so hanging the laundry outside is common.  To me, there seems to be an art form about it.  I have often wondered if there was a decree that certain days must have certain colors hanging, especially in the big cities, as their laundry is hung so fashionably!

Italian Laundry - Street Art

The photo above is a three tiered version, as hung in Riomaggiore (Liguria).

Italian Laundry - Street Art

I love to capture the essence of an Italian city by just the drying laundry.  Each time I see the photos of the laundry it seems as if I am smelling the fresh air of the country.

Italian Laundry - Street Art

Interestingly,  the town of Pavia (which is in the Lombardia region of Italy), recently banned hanging laundry from clotheslines which can be viewed from the street!

Italian Laundry - Street Art


Italian Laundry - Street Art

Italian Laundry - Street Art

Riomaggiore, Italy

As I wonder about the laundry and those with whom it belongs, I’ve decided that… “The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind, the answer is blowin’ in the wind.”  just like Bob Dylan said in 1962!

But sometimes when I look at the deep green shutter windows, alas, I see other things.  I just hope he doesn’t decide to do something else!

Nervi, Italy pet pooch, Italian Laundry - Street Art

Nervi, Italy pet pooch


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