How To Get Great Deals for Travel – Groupon Travel Deals

I am constantly being asked about how I get such great deals for travel. Traveling every 6 weeks of my life for over 22 years BEFORE I got into the TRAVEL business, I can assure you that I have tried my share of trial & error, tricks, and off-season purchasing. There are countless ways to get great deals for travel, but with each, you must


Roadtrip: Rockin’ San Diego!

I was recently asked by the kind folks over at KIA to come for one of their “Rocking Kia” events called “Discover the NEW KIA” to check out the new KIA car models. They even called me a “rock star” as related to social media and travel road trips! So how could I say no? When I say “rocking”, I literally mean the Hard Rock


Día del Niño – A Mexican Tradition

How will you be celebrating Día del Niño this year?  I love to cook with my ninos - Diego and Christian, to help celebrate them and in a small way, pass down some authentic Mexican traditions, even though they are not Mexican, but Chilean. Since we live in Arizona and have such a close connection to the Mexicans and the Mexicans traditions, this holiday means so


Ways to Lose Weight, Even While You Travel

It’s that time of year again. The New Year has begun. I shared with you that formula I learned about on how to achieve your goals. I applied the formula for your travel New Year’s Resolutions and so now let’s apply it to something else: Weight! (Weight is B from the formula above) You need to get a desired clear state about what you want if you


Thermes Spa, Monte Carlo, Monaco

By Cacinda Maloney Thermes Spa ceiling, Monaco Photo courtesy of @VisitMonaco My ticket said "Experience Sunshine Riviera" - Thermes Spa of Monte Carlo, which, after some research, I found out was Monte Carlo’s state-of-the-art spa in Monaco, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea directly accessible from the Hotel de Paris Monaco  and the Hermitage Monaco. Upon arrival to this glorious place, I received two instructions


Close Your Eyes and Imagine Stunning Blue Costa Rica

By Cacinda Maloney Look at that sky, San Jose, Costa Rica It looked black and cloudy, then the torrents of rain began.  It caused my stomach to lift up and then down real fast as the tiny plane jarred my aching body.  Peering through the tiny window, Skies of Costa Rica I had great hopes for a tropical vacation, but it


A Yoga Retreat Blue Osa, Costa Rica

By Cacinda Maloney "When you lose, don’t lose the lesson." - Dalai Lama  Birds flying high in the sky are of stunning colors. Blue Osa Yoga, Puerto Jimenz, Costa Rica Macaws, I think. I can’t seem for the life of me to get a photo of a single one of them as they soar. Actually, they run in pairs and someone told me


Scandinavian Design in Helsinki, Finland

By Cacinda Maloney What a whirlwind trip I had to Helsinki, which is also a world away.  I suddenly got transplanted into a winter wonderland from the heat of the desert! Helsinki, Finland One huge selling point of Helsinki, Finland is that fact that it is close to other major cities and so Helsinki is like getting 2 for 1 when it comes to

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