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The Ultimate Bucket List for Families

Over the last few weeks, I was looking through and editing old photographs when I started thinking about our bucket list for families that I made. When I was in college, my friends and I used to watch a television show about these families that were traveling around the world. They were marking things off their bucket list as they voted within the family to

Customizable Luggage called ROAM

When I found out that the creators of the TUMI brand, the former CEO Charlie Clifford and Larry Lein and the former executive vice president were behind ROAM luggage, I was ecstatic! This exciting new customizable luggage brand ROAM has the same styling and durability that the TUMI brand has long been known for. It is a beautiful, luxury, high-quality, durable luggage and I knew

My Packing List For A Road Trip

When people hear the word “Road Trip”, they either jump up for joy or dread hearing those words. To be honest, going on any trip is always a blast, but it is especially fun when you are going on a road trip! So pack your bags, we are going on a road trip! A huge plus of a road trip is that you can organize

Sicilian Desserts – Only the Best!

Sicilians love their healthy and locally-grown foods such as apricots, artichokes, olives, and beans. Some of the most notable savory foods include arancini (rice balls), pecorino cheese, and stuffed eggplant. Yet aside from the yummy savory foods they have, Sicily has some of the most delicious Sicilian desserts in all of Europe. The world-famous cannoli and torta di ricotta (ricotta cake) are indispensable sweets that

Ultimate Road Trip to Yellowstone National Park

The Ultimate Road Trip Guide to Yellowstone From Bozeman, we had driven into Gardiner, Montana. Gardiner sits right on the edge of the North entrance to Yellowstone, where the iconic Roosevelt Arch was perched way back in 1903. President Theodore Roosevelt was known as the grandfather of conservation and it was he who helped in securing these lands as a National Park for the United

Venice to Burano: THE Complete Guide

  One of the best-kept secrets in Venice used to be the island of Burano, maybe it is not so secret anymore. But it is definitely worth a visit, even if you just have 2 days in Venice it’s well worth visiting this colorful island! This island is best known for its rainbow-painted houses. Don't worry, once you get there, there is plenty to do

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