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Dr. Cacinda Maloney, Travel Expert Luxury Travel Writer, Brand Ambassador, and Digital Content Creator I have traveled every six weeks of my life for over 25+ years. A Doctor by profession, I gave up my career eight years ago to travel the world even more! Welcome to PointsandTravel is about adventure, cultural, and smart luxury travel experiences. My travel philosophy is that travel is


  My Bucket List An interesting perspective on bucket lists is that if you don’t write ideas down, they never get accomplished. As people grow older, they tend to find that their lives have been wrapped up in family, work, and obligations. Is it really a life worth living if you don’t know how to live it? So right here, and right now get out

A Qatar Airways Review: Q-Suites!

Air travel has become such a hassle over the last couple of decades, especially since 09/01/01. I can almost remember what it was like BEFORE that happened. Now, lines at the airport have continued to get longer while the list for prohibited items on a plane has increased. However, the one thing that has improved about air travel is the business class choices that are

Review: What it’s REALLY Like Aboard Viking River Cruises

What 's it REALLY like aboard a Viking River Cruises? Let's peek through the window with fascination and find out what it is like experiencing every detail of Viking Cruises. I had heard they were the "jewel of the sea" with their ever-changing views of the majestic scenery. I had heard about the "unpack once" scenario, but what are the nitty-gritty details I need to

Should I get Global Travel Insurance?

Every time I buy a plane ticket online or take a trip, I always wonder, "should I get global travel insurance? Is this really worth it? What does it cover?" Global travel insurance sounds like one insurance you don't need until you need it. But when you do, you will be glad you bought it. So let's examine whether or not you should buy it.

The Best Places to Visit in Colombo in One Day

Colombo, Sri Lanka is a city full of treasures to discover: sitting directly on the Arabian Sea the city has an oceanside feel. In the evenings, kids fly kites against the sun setting into the sea at Galle Face Green, as onlookers happily munch fried snacks. Colombo is an architectural treasure trove, too - with colonial ruins from the Portuguese, Dutch and British eras, alongside

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