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Should I get Global Travel Insurance?

Every time I buy a plane ticket online or take a trip, I always wonder, "should I get global travel insurance? Is this really worth it? What does it cover?" Global travel insurance sounds like one insurance you don't need until you need it. But when you do, you will be glad you bought it. So let's examine whether or not you should buy it.

Take A Sea Plane to Fort Jefferson

An adventure to Fort Jefferson via seaplane is a wonderful experience that you won't regret taking. I recommend it for anyone visiting Southern Florida and the Florida Keys. I consider a visit to Fort Jefferson a "must-do" and a great day trip from Key West. While visiting, you might as well spend the entire day there, because it is a lot of fun, plus there

The Best Places to Visit in Colombo in One Day

Colombo, Sri Lanka is a city full of treasures to discover: sitting directly on the Arabian Sea the city has an oceanside feel. In the evenings, kids fly kites against the sun setting into the sea at Galle Face Green, as onlookers happily munch fried snacks. Colombo is an architectural treasure trove, too - with colonial ruins from the Portuguese, Dutch and British eras, alongside


Dr. Cacinda Maloney Luxury Travel Writer, Blogger, Brand Ambassador & Digital Content Creator I have traveled every six weeks of my life for over 25+ years. Say what? A Doctor by profession, I gave up my career eight years ago to travel the world even more! Welcome to PointsandTravel is about adventure, cultural, and smart luxury travel experiences. I write for adventurers and city

Pure Bliss: Kurumba, Maldives

By Cacinda Maloney The airport was scarce as I looked around at the almost empty room for the late night flight and I think there was only myself and one other American couple in the blindingly white light airport waiting room with my ticket to paradise sweating in the palm of my hand. Finally they called my flight and soon enough I was on the

PointsandTravel: My Year in Review 2014

As 2014 screeches to an end, I've stopped for a few moments, sitting in my cabin in the woods in Telluride, Colorado with light drizzles of snow outside as seen thru my picture window, to reflect on the year that it has been. I am overflowing with gratitude and joy for what I now realize has been one of the richest and most adventure-filled years

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