Give Something Back: A Traveling Mom and Her Son

When you are a Mom, you have these dreams and aspirations that you will teach your children all the things that you wished you would have learned when you were little.You try to instill in them the notion to give something back to the community, to helping others in need, to being a good friend and a good citizen of the world. Diego Maloney,


Isn’t value luxury worth it? The Devil is in the Details

What is value or smart luxury?  It is basically staying in high-end or boutique hotels, an amazing bed and breakfasts, charming apartments,  rentals cottages or anything that is considered in the luxury market at discount prices, for great price points or using your points in a loyalty program.  Getting more bang for your buck with the same luxury stays, but just at discount pricing.  Vacations


How to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Happen

  Members of the Rocky Mountaineer team contemplating their goals! How to achieve your goals: Every new year we have these New Year's Resolutions that usually start out with great intentions, but within weeks or even months they fall to the wayside. Something always seems to get in the way of us reaching our goals. It is possible for two people to do many different things


Reflection: Traveling To Become My Authentic Self

By Cacinda Maloney   I arrived late last night, 24 hours after leaving Rome to make it to my final destination, which was the USA.  I was thrilled to see my family, as 32 days without them was quite a long time for any family and mine was no exception. Anxiously awaiting my luggage at the airport, I reminisced with my son about the great time


Greece, Italy and France are calling my name

By Cacinda Maloney I am about to embark on a journey.  Really, it is a 32-day voyage of my life.  As a mother, wife and business owner, I lose pieces of myself along my life path.  Pieces of myself swirl down the drain while I am washing the dishes for the umteenth time.  I can see them in the washing machine spiraling around, as I


Romancing the Stone – Paris in my Heart

AT FIRST This year has been a year of travel, a year of the constant pursuit of that thing that I say I love. Places that make my heart sing, make me blush and my palms sweaty.  That deep down passion that I constantly want to feel again and again.  As I peruse back through my photos of times past, I always feel as if


What’s in a Name? My Brand: Points and Travel

By Cacinda Maloney Juliet: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet." Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)  Do you know what this blog is about?  Points and Travel A brand is passion, confidence, action, belonging. Mega corporations spend thousands of dollars developing the name of their brand or products.  A name can help a


Ways to get a First or Business Class Upgrade for Free

By Cacinda Maloney Skyscanner just revealed an interesting "survey of 700 crew from 83 countries in April 2013 by email of the database of". Guess who is most likely to get an upgrade according to the survey? That's right:  Smartly dressed males in their 30's who are travelling alone. (61%) And the ones least likely to get an upgrade: females who wear revealing clothes,


My Karma Travel with Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany Karma Travel: I believe in karma.  Not in an Indian religious sense, although they have a good concept:  any "action" or "deed" causes the cycle of cause and effect to occur.  It seems that whatever I give to the universe, it usually gives it back to me in one way or another! This lesson comes as the result of karma travel.


Travel and loneliness….

By Cacinda Maloney “When I get lonely these days, I think: So BE lonely, Liz. Learn your way around loneliness. Make a map of it. Sit with it, for once in your life. Welcome to the human experience. ” ―     Elizabeth Gilbert,     Eat, Pray, Love Travel and Loneliness   I'm a bit of a misfit!  I don't mean to be.  I just am. 


Romance or love? what women really want

By Cacinda Maloney Barcelona Love from "What women really want is romance—not so much love. Romance makes life seem so much brighter. We love a handwritten card. We love the car door opened for us. We love the dance of words between one another. We love the brush of the hand against ours. We love, love, love the love letter. We love love in the moment, when it


My thoughts on Tourism vs Travel

By Cacinda Maloney Eiffel Tower, Paris, France Travel is one of the greatest human freedoms and all of us are free to travel. Where is it that you dream to go?  for me it is... This year... Greece I want to go on an adventure, a  journey.  Not  a tour.   I am just not a  tour person.  Maybe a smallish tour, but


Shades of Green …Grass

Updated October 2015 By Cacinda Maloney Contemplating my next travel dates, I sit in reflection in a small town in Italy called Nervi, having just returned from Santa Margherita and Portofino. I have some amazing stories to tell, which I will write about at another time, but I thought today should be the day I write about the grass.  I am constantly searching for prettier,