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In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to try and find a place of quiet solitude. Whether you are a student trying to study, a writer working on articles, or a blogger like me, having peace and quiet can be the difference between busting out all that work stress-free and feeling like all those distractions are dragging you down. With the Sony XB Extra Bass wireless headphones, peace and quiet come with me wherever my travels take me. They come in both over-ear (Sony Incredible Noise Cancelation (XB900N) and in-ear (Sony True Wireless (WF1000XM3) styles and each has its own pros and cons.

Over-Ear Headphones from Sony

So far, over-ear headphones have been wonderful for me. I take them with me whenever I travel. I can easily sleep on planes or listen to my own music and movies without the noisy distractions that come with these long flights. In fact, I just went from the USA to Croatia for a week, and then from Croatia to  Vancouver to join the Rocky Mountaineer Ambassadors. Most headphones can be uncomfortable after wearing them for a long time, but the in-ear True Wireless headphones have an ergonomic style that makes them comfortable in your ear, even for hours at a time.

Over-Ear Noice Cancellation Headphones

Similarly, the over-ear incredible Noise Cancellation headphones have a secure yet cozy fit that allows long-term use without sacrificing your comfort.

Sony Headphones

By using these great headphones, I can feel refreshed and relaxed after all the traveling I do and be ready for everything the world has to offer. From the active noise-canceling to the long battery life, to the simple and intuitive controls, these headphones are a great purchase for anyone who loves an immersive audio experience.

Great Feature of Active Noise Cancelling

The active noise canceling is one of my favorite features for both of these pairs of headphones, and is definitely its most powerful feature. The immersive noise canceling can lead to a great audio experience for anyone trying to enjoy music, podcasts, audiobooks, movies, and more! The over-ear design allows for a full audio experience with a focused and immersive sound environment, perfect for noisy and distracting places like public transportation, airports, or anywhere where you just can’t seem to get away from the noise.

Additionally, it comes with Extra Bass, meaning you can have the most fulfilling and exciting audio come to life in your ears. The in-ear design has a similarly powerful noise-canceling ability, even in a much smaller package. Some headphones have to make a sacrifice for audio quality in order to get the highest level of noise-cancellation, but not either of the Sony XBs. The powerful noise-canceling technology works with some of the highest quality audio technology to give the user the greatest and most immersive audio experience available.

Sony Headphones

Great Battery Life

With a battery life of up to 30 hours of usage or 300 hours on standby, the over-ear headphones lead the industry in terms of battery capacity. The In-ear headphones have around 6 hours of charge, which isn’t fantastic, but, they do come with a charging case that allows for three full charges to keep you going throughout the day. This means a total of 24 hours of listening and noise cancelation, which is certainly on the higher end battery life for these in-ear noise-canceling headphones.

Powerful Microphone

Both of these headphones come with a powerfully sensitive microphone that allows for usage in a variety of settings, giving you clear and crisp communication with anyone you can speak to through your phone or other devices. The software system of the microphone works to remove unnecessary sounds from other sources around you, automatically isolating your voice from the background, meaning you can listen and speak in noisy areas and still get perfect audio going both ways. This can be used for a phone call, text-to-speech, a voice memo, or even a voice-activated assistant, and works just about anywhere, giving you the audio clarity you need while you’re on the go.

Best Feature: The Controls

The controls are one of the best features of these amazing headphones. For both the in-ear and over-ear design, intuitive and easy-to-use controls allow you to change the volume, play and pause, go to the next or previous song and even activate your virtual assistant. If you’re like me, you might not like the exact configuration of the control right when they come out of the box. But, this can be remedied with the Sony Headphones Connect App, which allows you to customize the controls to your personal specifications, giving you maximum control over the way you use your headphones.

With these headphones in or over your ears, the world melts around you, leaving you in a personal environment of your own design, giving you the freedom to listen as loudly or as quietly as you would like. Either pair would make a great travel companion for you or a loved one and can bring peace and quiet to even the most disruptive and distracting locals. For $200 for the over-ear Incredible Noise Cancelation (XB900N) and $220 for the in-ear Sony True Wireless (WF1000XM3), both of these pairs of headphones are a great deal, so make sure to check them out online or your local Best Buy to see them yourself.

Disclosure: PointsandTravel believes in disclosure and although these headphones were gifted to me from Best Buy, I would have bought them anyway because of the amount of travel I do.


Sharing is Caring!