travel photography blogAfter looking over my travel photography blog, my calendar, and my Instagram account, I was quite surprised that I flew around the world as much as I did. It certainly didn’t seem like I went to 15 countries this year (of which 7 were NEW to me!) I went to Mexico twice, Canada twice, and Croatia twice! I also had a chance to visit three USA states: California, Oregon, and Florida. As well as take a road trip from Arizona to Washington DC! I also visited Qatar, New Zealand, Tonga, the Cook Islands, French Polynesia – visited 7 islands, Bosnia, Germany, Ethiopia, and Tanzania! I guess time really does fly when you are having fun taking travel photography! I wouldn’t change it for the world! I do want to say thank you to all the wonderful travel companies and sponsors that I worked with this year! It was one memorable year! Now I can’t wait to start my 2020 travels.

I did happen to get an email from American Airlines telling be I flew with them 79 hours in the sky and flew around the world 1.5 times (And that is ONLY WITH AMERICAN AIRLINES and I barely flew them this year!)

travel photography blog


So without further adieu, I will present to you my wonderful year of 2019 trips in this travel photography blog:

Mexico – San Pancho

My family and I started out our 2019 with a Christmas to New Year’s trip to a tiny town in Mexico along the Riviera Nayarit called San Pancho, near Sayulita.

Canada, Quebec City

Not too soon after, my husband and I celebrated his birthday in one of his best trips ever – in the gorgeous municipality of Quebec City. He absolutely loves the snow, so for him, it was the perfect gift! #VisitQuebecCity

Qatar, Doha


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#Travel: I completely enjoyed my flights to and from #Doha #Qatar with @qatarairways! What is there not to love when flying with them and trying out their Q-suite!? This suite is utterly amazing with the ability to turn four seats into a family suite and a full-sized bed!! I went alone, so I had my own enclosed pod, complete with a sliding door for privacy. One of the best things on the flight was not only the entertainment system, the working Wi-Fi, and the amazing menu, but the ability to order what I wanted when I wanted and to close myself off whenever I felt like it. This was pure luxury! You can read all about it on my latest article that is up on the blog! Link in my profile. #visitqatar #gnomads #qatarairways

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Up next for me was such a fabulous trip with an awesome group of people as we acquired the Q-Suite of Qatar Airways on our stunning trip to Doha! #WorldCup2022

Mexico, Cabo San Lucas

Back to back trips in Cabo San Lucas for some fun in the sun! The #Travelocity #Gnomads are such a blast to work with! Then I was off to another trip to @QuiviraLosCabos


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#Travel: There is nothing quite like traveling to one of my favorite countries in the world: #Mexico! My back to back trips to Los Cabos/San Jose del Cabo (SJD) last month left me speechless as I saw how it has evolved into a smart luxury destination over the last 20 years. My visit to a few of the most amazing all-inclusive resorts was over the top: @quiviraloscabos and @leblancresorts were two of my favorite places on this visit, but @grandvelascabos was a favorite last time! I love how Cabo makes me feel: adventurous and loved! Traveling changed me and changed my life! I got a whole new perspective on life and the bottom line is that it is all about love 💙. Loving the people, the place, and the culture that they create. Unequivocally, I can say that Mexico has all the components of a country that I love: the music, the dance, the architecture, the food, and the interior design. And don’t forget about the shopping! Plus it is right next to the USA, so easy to get there on @southwestair Southwest Airlines flies to SJD and believe me there is a reason that part of the @SouthwestAir logo has a ❣️heart in it! As it is about the people – you, the customer. And – the crew, as they certainly show us how they love their job and the corporate culture that Southwest has been able to create! I have a good friend who has worked for Southwest Airlines as a stewardess for over 20 years and she cannot say enough about what a great working culture that Herb Kelleher created! Apparently his outrageous personality created a corporate culture which makes Southwest employees take themselves lightly. They are so upbeat, but they take their job seriously! I love that about this airline! When is the next time you will be flying @SouthwestAir? #SouthwestStorytellers #contest #gnomads

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USA, Florida – Panama City Beach

This trip was awesome because I got to see two of my great travel friends – @Bucketlistjourney and @KAStilwell and I met a fashion blogger I love: Beth Djali with @StyleatACertainAge and a great travel brand @TravelMindSet

Next I was off on a cruise with @HollandAmerica from New Zealand to French Polynesia to San Francisco with my scuba diving son Diego.

New Zealand, Aukland

Tonga, Nuku Alofa

Tonga, Vava U.

Cook Islands – Raratonga

French Polynesia:


Bora Bora

Moorea, Bahia D Opuneha


Rangiroa – Avatora


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Tuamota – Fakarava

Marquesas Islands

Nuku Hiva – Taiohae

Argentina – Buenos Aires 

You guys know how I love South America and this trip was fabulous as I worked with @YampuTravel. They took me all over Buenos Aires, as well as my very first trip to Iguazu Falls. It was fabulous.

Argentina – Iguazu Falls

Chile – Santiago

While in South America, I had time to go on over to Santiago to visit my friends, family and most importantly, my mother-in-law!

Up next was another fabulous trip to Europe with @AmaWaterways! On this river cruise we visited a few countries and had a blast doing it.

Hungary – Budapest

Austria – Vienna

Sankt Florian

Croatia – Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, Blue Cave, and Vis


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There she is… peeking out from those city walls. Dubrovnik. And I was ready. As she represented to me a REAL vacation! Many of you may be laughing about now, since you might think that I am always on a vacation. Yes, I have a great life, getting to see the world. But sometimes it does come at a cost, and that cost is not being able to wander and do what I want to do when I want to do it. Freedom. Of course I don’t mind, because it is my job. So every once in a while I just want to take a real vacation. To remember what that feels like. I had just gotten off my Avalon Waterways trip in Linz, Austria, so I took a train to Vienna and flew directly into Dubrovnik. I arrived right as the sun was getting close to the horizon. Yet there was still plenty of light. All I wanted to do was get to my Airbnb, drop my bags, and rest. This photo of Dubrovnik was from the next morning around 5:30 AM, within the city walls. I had two days to rest until my husband arrived. Honestly, this was one of the best vacations I’ve had in a very long time. Thank you Lord 🙏! #travelocitypicks #gnomads

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Finally, I was able to take my husband to one of my favorite place ever – Croatia! We wined and dined ourselves all over the islands and enjoyed a fabulous meal with @JaywayTravel


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Oh Dubrovnik, how is it that you stole my heart ❤️ ? #gnomads #croatiatravel

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Bosnia – Mostar

No trip to Croatia is complete without the side trip to Mostar, Bosnia! What a lovely place it truly is!

Bosnia, Mostar

Road Trip from Phoenix, Arizona to Washington DC

A chance to help move my son Diego into his apartment near DuPont Circle. He is getting his Masters degree in International Securities at Johns Hopkins!

USA – Oregon, Portland

So enjoyed my time working with @WorldmarkbyWyndham. What a gorgeous property they have in Portland. If you get a chance, be sure and check it out.

Croatia, Split and the islands

Honestly, there is nothing quite like a private cruise around the islands of Croatia on the @Adriaticbreeze. This trip was nothing short of spectacular as we were wined and dined around these gorgeous Croatian islands. Bol, Vis, and Korcula were a few of my favorite islands.

Canada – Vancouver, Banff, and Lake Louise!

But after summer and beach always come snow! I always enjoy my time spent with the @RockyMountaineer crew and this time was no different! We had a blast!

Germany – Berlin, Potsdam Erfurt, Wurzburg, Heidelberg, and Frankfurt

Then I was back in Germany with the National Germany Tourism Board visiting four historic cities, that honestly, was super impressive! I loved this trip via rail and would go back in a heartbeat!

Potsdam, Germany

Erfurt, Germany

Wurzburg, Germany

Heidelberg, Germany

USA – California, North Lake Tahoe

And then upon my return, I had just enough time to visit the famous Lake Tahoe! I flew into Reno, NV and rented a car to drive to North Lake Tahoe. I was super impressed with this gorgeous lake and would love to return this winter for skiing.

Africa – Ethiopia, Adidas Ababa and Tanzania, Arusha, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro National Park

And the crème de la crème that I waited all year for – my very first trip to Africa with @ShadowsofAfrica and Four Seasons @FSSerngeti! Probably one of my favorite trips ever!

Tarangire National Park

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Lake Manyara

 Seronera Airstrip  and the Serengeti National Park


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If you are looking for an adventure, look 👀 no further than the @fsserengeti lodge! It is located right INSIDE the Serengeti National Park! No fences. No gates. The animals come and go as they please! Plus the simple ride from the airport to the lodge is a game drive all within itself! Just look at a few of the magnificent animals I saw. The park is practically a lion sanctuary with over 3000 on these lands alone! #fourseasons. . . . . #serengetinationalpark #serengetipark #serengetisafari #safaris #africanature #africatravel #africanimals #africananimals #tanzaniasafari #lionlove #lioncub #bucketlistadventures #bucketlisttravel #bucketlist✅ #bucketlisttrip #bucketlistcheck #bucketlisttravels #bucketlistchecked

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Disclosure:  As is common in the travel industry, Dr. Maloney was provided with accommodations, meals, and other compensation for the purposes of review for this article. While it has not influenced her review, believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest. All Photos are by the author. There may be affiliate links in this article.



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