How I made 6000 Delta miles and 1600 American miles for a few massages! (and cash)

By Cacinda Maloney

I got to thinking about a quick tweet I made the other day about a massage and miles.

Cacinda Maloney Tweet

Cacinda Maloney Tweet

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So what do those two thingsI tweeted about (6000 Delta and 1600 American miles) have in common, you ask?  Well, I am constantly wanting to travel around the world and always looking for ways to make more points, so when I saw this deal on the Delta Airlines website about an offer of 15x per dollar spent at Spa Finder, I knew that was the deal for me.   It expired March 31st, 2013 (I did make a blog post about it last month), so you won’t be able to duplicate this deal, but really, this post is not so much about that specific deal, but more about the concept of the deal.

Meaning, don’t just take any deal at face value, but instead think about the angles of the deal.  First off and most important, I was wanting to get a massage membership at a local spa and had been thinking about it for a long time.  I do travel the world and often stay in beds that are not mine and fly economy on long distance, international flights, so I am often in need of some Chiropractic and massage therapy!  I also do this a lot:



and I have this in my life.


Once I figured out that my local spa took Spa Finder Gift Certificates (I just called and asked) and that I could purchase them for 15X DELTA miles per dollar spent, I knew this could be the deal for me!  But don’t stop there…

STOP sign in Aqaba, Jordan

STOP sign in Aqaba, Jordan

Next,  I started to think about how I could get more than that. I’ve written about shopping portals before.  So, I started there.

Going thru, I searched for Spa Finder.  There were a lot of good options to gain rewards as noted here:

spa finder on

spa finder on

I decided I wanted American Airlines miles at 3.0 miles per dollar, so I chose that link and then it took me to the Spa Finder page, I chose my gift certificate for $400.00 and then used my Citibank American Airlines Credit Card to purchase the certificate.  Upon checkout, they asked me for my DELTA frequent flyer miles number, since they were running a special with Delta Airlines at the time.  So in total, for $400, that I most likely would have paid cash or used a credit card for when I went to my local spa, I made:

6000 DELTA miles, 1200 AA miles, plus 400 AA for using the card 
for a total of: 6000 Delta and 1600 AA miles, all for a $400 spend

To me, that is a good deal and that is what I think you should start looking for:  ways to enhance your regular spend (something you would have bought anyway), so that you can maximize your return in miles or points.  Now I am not saying this is some great collection of miles, but if you do this on many of the purchases that you make, your miles will add up… and that is what makes me happy! 🙂

Oh, and by the way, that is not for one massage but for a massage membership, so I will get 8 massages for $400, so about $50 each.  No membership runs $89 a massage, which you could still use your Spa Finder gift certificate for that too if you only want one or a few.





  1. Suzy April 6, 2013 at 10:56 am

    All sounds good except this:

    “So in total, for $400, that I most likely would have paid cash or used a credit card for when I went to my local spa, I made:”

    Why would you most likely pay cash? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of everything miles and points? I can only see using cash if they don’t accept a credit card for tipping.

    • admin April 6, 2013 at 11:04 am

      I love miles and points, but I truly am not a fanatic, sometimes I use cash! OMG! the cash word. I know that sounds crazy to points people, but it is true.

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