2018 World Travel: 15 Countries, 25 Trips!

Every year since I started this blog about world travel in 2012, I have written a travel year-end review showcasing world travel. I guess this year will be no different, although I do seem to get lazier and lazier about writing it and putting it off to the last minute! 2018 was a wonderful year of change, as I continued working with well-known travel brands


Year End Review: 2017 Travel

BOOM! 2017 – You've been an adventure of epic proportions, a crazy-enough year that was filled with a lifetime full of experiences! It is time for my Year End Review! 2017: 20 countries: The number 20 does depend on how you count them, many of them I went back/through multiple times, like the USA (9x), Mexico (4x), Austria (2x), Italy (2x), Spain (2x), etc. But if you


2016 Year End Review: 47 countries!

I never really imagined that I would be doing this: writing, blogging, and taking travel photos for a living after a 22-year career as a Chiropractic Physician. It is interesting and amazing where your life ends up taking you. I have been traveling the earth, mostly alone now, for 4 ½ years taking travel photos since I started this crazy thing called PointsandTravel. Before that,


Travel Photos for 2015: Year End Review

Travel Photos for 2015: Year End Review I have come to realize that I don't do anything half way. I love to travel, I love to work and I love taking travel photos, so when I put those things together to create PointsandTravel three and a half years ago, it turned into a business that was unexpected but, that I love dearly! I want to mention


Points&Travel: My Year in Review 2014

By Cacinda Maloney As 2014 screeches to an end, I've stopped for a few moments, sitting in my cabin in the woods in Telluride, Colorado with light drizzles of snow outside as seen thru my picture window, to reflect on the year that it has been. I am overflowing with gratitude and joy for what I now realize has been one of the richest and


2013: The Points&Travel Year in Review

By Cacinda Maloney Tonight as I reflect on the tremendous travel that I did this year, not knowing what my 2014 travel year will look like, I take a few moments to pause and thank you all, my readers, my sponsors and my travel friends for all the experiences I had this year.  I am all about the destinations and then the experience I have


2012: The travel year in review: 8 countries, 38 cities

By Cacinda Maloney It has been an adventurous year, 2012.  I would say this is pretty typical of this travel gal.  I think I have been traveling at this rate for at least 4 or 5 years.  Sometimes I return to the places I love or have to go to work, or seminars, but most of these trips involve points and miles in some fashion or