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Dr. Cacinda Maloney, Travel Expert

Cacinda Maloney on a horse

Luxury Travel Writer, Brand Ambassador, and

Digital Content Creator

I have traveled every six weeks of my life for over 25+ years.

A Doctor by profession, I gave up my career eight years ago to travel the world!

Welcome to

PointsandTravel is about adventure, cultural, and smart luxury travel experiences. My travel philosophy is that travel is not only the top 10 sights in the world but unique experiences that include architecture, history, culture, food, spa, and then to return to your hotel/villa for luxury at night. I research my articles before, during, and after visiting these places and I hope to inspire you to visit a few new sights around the world and dive into a new culture!

Adventure and culture by day, smart luxury by night!

I have worked with a multitude of airlines, spas, hotels, restaurants, PR, tour companies, cruise lines, and travel-related product companies, as well as over 50 tourism boards worldwide over the last 8 years.

I’ve experienced more than 250 luxury destinations and hotels in 93 countries (and counting). I know the difference between what’s merely expensive and what deserves its high price tag. I also appreciate the hard work that goes into crafting travel experiences and want to share that with you.

Cacinda Maloney PointsandTravel, Points and Travel


I have hiked to Machu Picchu, galloped on camels at sunrise in Jordan, zip-lined through a rainforest in Mexico, rappelled a 100-foot waterfall in Costa Rica, kayaked in the Galapagos, sailed through Greece, floated in the Dead Sea, marveled at the markets of Guatemala, danced with natives in Fiji, swam with stingrays in the Cayman Islands, dived with sharks in Roatan, admired the Old City in Israel, gawked at the Taj Majal, and roamed the streets of Istanbul —just to name a few.


I took a luxury train across Canada and India, floated in a balloon above castles in Lithuania, hitched a ride on a rickshaw in China, Indonesia, and Malaysia, stood at the steps of Red Square in Russia, explored the island of Sri Lanka and laid on the beaches in the Maldives—just to name a few more!


PointsandTravel is not your ordinary travel and lifestyle blog. We are a travel resource of content related to destinations about adventure, culture, and smart luxury travel – maximizing dollars for the greatest luxurious experiences. Dr. Cacinda Maloney is a travel expert who is also seen as an expert in unexpected destinations, luxury experiences, and out-of-this-world adventures.

Storytelling and photography are my two passions.  This is what I primarily do when I travel. Look for a great story about a place and then photograph it. My extensive travels have inspired me to write and share some of my luxury travel experiences with you.

Cacinda in Mexico

What I am:

  • I am a fan of destinations rich in culture and history.
  • I am one who prefers to stay in luxury (or boutique B&B) hotels or villas that define ‘smart luxury’ –one that maximizes dollars for the greatest adventure, cultural and luxury experiences.
  • I love strolling the streets of the big cities, yet love finding tiny charming villages.
  • I love old churches, cemeteries, opera houses, and architectural wonders.
  • I love local bars, fancy restaurants, yet even hole-in-the-wall establishments.  Whatever is THE thing to do and see in a place… that’s what I enjoy.
  • I love the warm ocean, the beach, and just about any island.
  • I am a scuba diver with over 150 dives!
  • Put me in the cold or a snowy place and I will sit by the fire and gaze out the window. (I ski too!)
  • Oh, and I have a door fetish, so you will find many photographs of doors on this Pinterest board.

What I am not:

  • Not one of those people who sold everything they own and travel around the world. I own a home.
  • I no longer practice as a physician, but work as a full-time luxury travel writer, blogger, photographer, and digital content creator.
  • Read more about me in this Business Insider Interview!

Cacinda Maloney scuba diiving

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