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Scuba Diving in French Polynesia

When Travelocity heard I was taking a 24-Day Polynesian Crossing with Holland America they couldn’t wait for me to write an article about scuba diving in French Polynesia. I couldn’t wait to actually take the trip and scuba dive around French Polynesia with my college-aged son Diego. And truth be told, we had a blast! There is nothing quite like diving in this area of the world with your son! Read on, as we explore this world!

Scuba Diving in French Polynesia

Scuba Diving in French Polynesia!

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Known for its over-water bungalow hotels and abundant underwater lagoons, French Polynesia is one of the best tourist destinations for those visiting the South Pacific. Many honeymooners and vacationers alike come to relax and to enjoy snorkeling in the lagoons. But, in my opinion, the best of French Polynesia lies under the sea near the coral reefs. It is here where you will find a plentiful subaquatic world that will not disappoint. And since scuba divers can access this area of the underworld, I can completely recommend scuba diving in French Polynesia. In fact, scuba diving in French Polynesia is a diver’s paradise as the coral gardens are alive and teeming with sea life and fish in all shapes and sizes.

Scuba Diving in French Polynesia

I recently returned from a 24-Day Polynesian Crossing which included 12 port stops in 5 countries, 7 of which were in French Polynesia. I had a chance to visit Bora Bora, Moorea, Tahiti, Raiatea, Rangiroa, Fakarava, and Nuku Hiva. Don’t worry, I didn’t know the names of all these islands either, other than the famous ones before I went on this trip!

And although I did not get a chance to dive in all of these islands (there are many, many more), I can tell you that scuba diving in French Polynesia is outstanding! The French Polynesian reefs and coral gardens are in spectacular shape in most of the areas that I dove. And I have quite a bit to compare it to, as I have scuba-dived about 150 dives in the Eastern Pacific, all over the Caribbean, and in the Mediterranean.

Scuba Diving in French Polynesia

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Scuba Diving in French Polynesia

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