Diving the Cenote Kukulcan, Mexico

  Cenote Kukulcan, Yucatan, Mexico Cenote Diving The stunning Kukulcan Cenote is a 33 feet(10 meters) deep blue cavern that is part of the Chac Mool caving system in the Yucatan, Mexico.  It has a jungle scenery with fresh and salt water, lots of fossils, and even a few stalactites. The main attraction, though is the unbelievable beams of light piercing the water


Poseidon’s Adventure: Cancun’s Underwater Museum

By Cacinda Maloney He is of Mayan Indian decent and I am following him, although I know not where. He is the expert and I am his inept follower.  Soon we approach what appears to be a fire ring, but it is not ablaze.  He enters first and motions for each of us to go thru the ring.  I follow, being sure to keep  myself


Blue Dive: Scuba Diving Belize

  Blue Dive: Chuck & Robbie's Dive Shop - Ambergris Caye, Belize Blue Dive When I was perusing Trip Advisor and other dive sites for recommendations for reputable divers in Belize on Ambergris Caye for a blue dive, time and time again, I would read the same thing: “Robbie” “Chuck and Robbie’s" Then: “Robbie is the best!” and “Can’t wait to dive with


Island Bliss: Castaway Island, Fiji

Castaway Island We had the time of our lives, diving off the boat from our little Castaway Island out in the middle of nowhere in Fiji!  Each day we would drag ourselves out of bed early to catch the morning boat to go diving. Under the Sea, Castaway Island Kid Boat, Castaway Island  And the kids would do the same.  Adults


Belize: Life in the Underworld

By Cacinda Maloney "Have you ever really wondered what it looks like down under?  No, not Aussie land,   I mean way down under... underneath the ocean?" Under the Sea, Belize You can see the tiniest little creatures that you cannot even imagine exist! Underworld of Belize Under the Sea, Belize  And the colors, oh, the colors are amazing!


Aqaba, Jordan العقبة‎: Diving the Red Sea

Aqaba, Jordan and the Red Sea A bit off the beaten path... We arrived into Amman at 10:45 pm at night.  Damn Crazy Americans!  By the time we made to the car rental place, it was almost 11:15 pm.  The plan was to drive from Amman to Aqaba, a three-hour drive, in the middle of the night in the middle of the desert.  It seemed


Spain’s Brave Coast: Seaside L’Estartit

By Cacinda Maloney If you are following along in my series on Costa Brava, Spain: Post #1: Costa Brava, Spain's Northeast Coast: Getting There Post #2:  Diamonds are a girl's best friend:  Girona, Spain This is post #3: So, you want to go to Spain's Brave Coast? Seaside L'Estartit Costa Brava, literally, the "Brave Coast" of Spain, is not to be missed on a trip