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Tulum: 10 best hotels offering affordable accommodations

Tulum, Mexico’s picturesque Caribbean coastal town is well known for its turquoise waters, beautiful beaches, and striking natural landscapes. It has quickly become a top tourist attraction, drawing in visitors from all around the globe to experience its culture and natural splendor.

Tulum is known for its luxurious hotels and resorts offering world-class amenities and services. But there is also a range of budget accommodations offering great value to budget travelers. Boutique hotels to beachfront resorts abound, allowing people to experience all that Tulum has to offer without draining their bank accounts!

Are You Searching for Cheap Hotels in Tulum? Don’t worry. We have you covered! Here is our Top 10 Budget Accommodations of Tulum which provide excellent value. From budget boutique hotels to beachfront resorts with all the amenities available – Tulum has something special waiting for you.

Papaya Playa Project 

One of the most desirable affordable hotels in Tulum due to its prime beachside location. Offering guests a boutique setting featuring natural materials. Materials that create a relaxing yet inviting ambiance. Its outdoor pool surrounded by lush palm trees provides guests with an ideal place to unwind and unwind.

The hotel rooms are designed to be elegant yet simplistic. Featuring contemporary amenities and offering breathtaking ocean views from each guest room. Each has an ensuite bathroom equipped with hot tubs for maximum relaxation. Plus, guests have easy access to Tulum Beach for water sports activities or sightseeing!

Casa Malca 

Providing guests with a luxurious and memorable stay in an iconic location. It is situated within Pablo Escobar’s former mansion. Now, it has transformed into an eye-catching boutique hotel. Casa Malca offers guests an unforgettable experience in luxury and history. 

The hotel offers luxurious amenities and outstanding service, yet budget-minded travelers may also find attractive room options available to them. At their on-site restaurant, guests can indulge in delicious cuisine prepared with fresh local ingredients for an exceptional dining experience. 

Casa Malca offers private rooms with beachfront access and stunning ocean views that cannot be beaten. For relaxation seekers, Casa Malca provides yoga studios, lounge areas, and private terraces. Where guests can unwind and take in the natural beauty of Tulum. Offering both luxury and affordability, Casa Malca truly stands out as an exceptional Tulum experience.

Las Palmas Maya 

Las Palmas Maya offers budget travelers in Tulum Town an economical accommodation option with air-conditioned guestrooms. And complimentary Wi-Fi ensuring a pleasant and connected stay.

It stands out with its rooftop terrace, featuring an outdoor swimming pool and lounge area. It is an ideal spot to unwind while taking in views of its surroundings. Additionally, guests will appreciate easy access to city center shops, restaurants, and attractions for an enjoyable shopping and sightseeing experience.

Las Palmas Maya is an excellent option for travelers on a limited budget who still wish to take advantage of all the convenience and amenities of a comfortable hotel.

Hotel Tiki Tiki 

Hotel Tiki Tiki is an iconic accommodation option in Tulum. Situated along the main road in Tulum Town, this boutique hotel provides guests stay complete with modern amenities. Hotel Tiki Tiki features elegant rooms crafted with natural materials, smart TVs, air conditioning, private bathrooms, and complimentary Wi-Fi for each guest room. Enjoy an invigorating swim in its outdoor pool surrounded by palm trees or revitalize at its wellness center. 

Hotel Tiki Tiki features an on-site restaurant serving authentic Mexican cuisine. Making this hotel an excellent choice for experiencing all that Tulum has to offer. Mayan Ruins, Downtown Tulum, and its biosphere reserve are easily explored from here! Ultimately, Hotel Tiki Tiki offers guests comfortable yet convenient stays to fully experience Tulum’s charm and beauty.

Coco Hacienda 

Coco Hacienda Tulum is one of Tulum’s top-budget hotels. Providing travelers on a tight budget a relaxing stay with spacious rooms featuring air conditioning and free Wi-Fi access. Indulge in its shared kitchen and seating area if you enjoy cooking meals together or socializing. Located close to both beach road and the downtown area for convenient exploration of Tulum’s rich cultural history. Plus experience local vibes and Mexican cuisine in its proximity.

Nueva Vida de Ramiro 

Nueva Vida de Ramiro offers affordable rooms with breathtaking ocean views, offering direct access to Tulum Beach. This stunning hotel also has an outdoor pool for relaxing and taking in some sun.

Nueva Vida de Ramiro offers delicious Mexican cuisine at their on-site restaurant. While overlooking the ocean, guests can dine on fresh seafood specialties. They offer guests a selection of accommodation options, from double rooms with air conditioning and private bathrooms to spacious. Clean double rooms that come with air conditioning – and there’s free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

One of its top highlights, providing guests with easy access to Tulum Beach without the crowds often found elsewhere on beaches. Furthermore, bike rentals make exploring the area simple.

Nueva Vida de Ramiro offers an ideal getaway in Tulum at an economical beachfront hotel rate, boasting stunning ocean views, an outdoor pool, and delicious dining. Perfect for romantic stays as well as family trips!

Dreams Tulum Resort 

Dreams Tulum Resort is an all-inclusive resort with affordable rates during the low season. Situated in Tulum’s heart, its architecture seamlessly merges into its natural surroundings. Offering spacious guest rooms featuring private pools and ocean views. As well as modern amenities such as smart TVs, air conditioning units, and free Wi-Fi service. Dreams Tulum is highly recommended as an all-inclusive destination.

Dreams Tulum Resort provides guests with a host of activities, from snorkeling and kayaking to paddleboarding and yoga classes. There is also an on-site wellness center offering spa services, yoga sessions, and fitness programs. And dining options that serve both Mexican cuisines as well as international fare.

Dreams Tulum Resort provides some of the best deals in Tulum during the low season. Guests can take advantage of luxurious amenities and services at a fraction of their usual costs. Making Dreams Tulum Resort an excellent option for experiencing Tulum on a tight budget.

La Zebra 

La Zebra Hotel in Tulum provides budget-conscious travelers with affordable beachfront hotel rates during the low season, making it a top pick. Boasting stylish yet comfortable rooms with private bathrooms and hot tubs for an idyllic stay, guests have easy access to Tulum Beach which boasts stunning views and crystal-clear waters. Among many other amenities offered at La Zebra include a restaurant, bar, and pool – making La Zebra an excellent choice when exploring all that Tulum has to offer!

Hotel Bardo 

Hotel Bardo is an excellent budget-friendly option for travelers visiting Tulum. Located near the center of town and its various attractions, this stylish hotel features contemporary artwork and furnishings, providing guests with an inviting and trendy space to explore at their leisure. The well-appointed and spacious rooms come equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, comfortable bedding, and free Wi-Fi, ensuring a comfortable stay.

One of the highlights of Hotel Bardo is its pool area, surrounded by lush greenery and comfortable sun loungers, making it the perfect spot for relaxation after exploring the city. It’s also a great place for solo travelers to meet fellow travelers and make new friends. The hotel’s exquisite rooftop terrace provides breathtaking panoramic views, creating an ideal spot to watch the sunset or enjoy drinks with friends

Located in the heart of downtown Tulum, Hotel Bardo is an ideal base from which to explore Tulum’s many attractions. From Mayan ruins to the biosphere reserve and beaches, guests can easily access everything the town has to offer. The hotel’s prime location also puts guests close to some of Tulum’s best restaurants, cafes, and bars, making it an ideal choice for foodies and nightlife enthusiasts. Whether traveling solo, as a couple, or with friends, Hotel Bardo offers stylish decor, modern amenities, and a prime location, all at an affordable rate.

Las Tres Palmas Hotel 

Las Tres Palmas Hotel offers an authentic and distinctive stay for budget travelers visiting Tulum. Each room is spacious and well-appointed with its own private bathroom and seating area. The hotel boasts a relaxing private pool surrounded by palm trees, providing guests with the perfect spot to unwind.

Located conveniently along Beach Road, Las Tres Palmas Hotel and Residences offer easy access to Tulum Beach and nearby attractions. Guests can take a leisurely stroll along the white sandy beaches or explore the bustling local area filled with cafes, restaurants, and shops.

With friendly staff always ready to offer advice and assist guests with planning their stay, Las Tres Palmas Hotel Tulum provides affordable rates and top-notch amenities. Come experience its unique ambiance and make unforgettable memories during your stay!


If you’re planning a visit to Tulum and looking for affordable accommodations, these 10 best cheap hotels provide excellent value for your money. From beachfront boutique hotels to budget options in the city center, there is something suitable for every traveler here. 

These hotels feature a wide array of amenities, from outdoor pools and private beaches to on-site restaurants and free Wi-Fi – not to mention luxurious yet comfortable rooms with private bathrooms and hot tubs at prices that won’t break the bank! 

No matter if you are traveling alone or with a group, these hotels provide the ideal base from which to explore Tulum’s stunning beaches, rich cultural heritage, and nearby attractions. With features such as outdoor pools, free breakfast, and parking – making these hotels are great value options for exploring Tulum on a budget!

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