Holiday Road Trip Tips

Holiday Road Trip Tips: Take a Trip, Travel Locally This year I had already decided that not all holiday shopping had to be stressful. So when the guys over at DriveShopUSA offered to give me a 2017 Mazda 6 Grand Touring vehicle to try out around town for my Christmas shopping, I couldn’t resist. Here is what I did to make my dream of a


Roadtrip: Rockin’ San Diego!

I was recently asked by the kind folks over at KIA to come for one of their “Rocking Kia” events called “Discover the NEW KIA” to check out the new KIA car models. They even called me a “rock star” as related to social media and travel road trips! So how could I say no? When I say “rocking”, I literally mean the Hard Rock


Professional Photo Editing App You Must Try

Professional Photo Editing App I don’t know if you have noticed, but I am not really a selfie kind-of-gal.  I do take a few photos of myself, but literally, have to go through hundreds to find the one I really like.  So I am sure you will understand when I tell you about one of the latest professional photo editing app I recently came across: the Krome


Are You a Notorious Over-Packer?

Let's Turn You into a Packing Pro! So you are the person who always has four bags to everyone else’s one. You have a wardrobe change for every meal, every stop, and any situation you could fathom on your trip. Because of this, you probably didn’t have room in the car for all of your bags or you had to pay for three–OMG how is



Photograph by Johann of Flytographer Flytographer has taken vacation photography to a whole new level! I remember seeing a flyer in the lobby of the Hotel Del in Coronado years ago on a trip to California: HIRE A LOCAL PHOTOGRAPHER: Our photographer will take your family photos on the beach in the beautiful sands of Coronado Beach, California. CALL (619) 867-5309 Many Years Later


Travel Trend: Hire a Local Photographer

Travel with a private/personal photographer Photo Courtesy of Cantimplora Travel I am crazy excited to tell you about an upcoming adventure I am taking! I have decided to try something totally different in the travel world and go off-the-beaten-path this month with a private, local photographer. Why? So that I can put down my camera (well a little bit!) and Factor Fabula's Bernie


Ways to Lose Weight, Even While You Travel

It’s that time of year again. The New Year has begun. I shared with you that formula I learned about on how to achieve your goals. I applied the formula for your travel New Year’s Resolutions and so now let’s apply it to something else: Weight! (Weight is B from the formula above) You need to get a desired clear state about what you want if you


Giving the Gift of Flipboard

By Cacinda Maloney Giving the Gift of Flipboard: I found the perfect gift to give this holiday season! (And it is free!) At this point in my life, I am less materialistic and more into experiences. This gift will give your loved ones an experience that they can navigate through on their phone or their computer. I love the idea of coming up with a custom-made


Should I get Travel Insurance?

By Cacinda Maloney I posted this on PointsandTravel's Facebook Page the other day:   And I received these comments: Which got me to thinking. I really should write an article about travel insurance and why it is important to have it. Many people ask themselves before a big trip: Should I get Travel Insurance? And I can tell you, the answer is: Unequivocally yet! Myrna,


Findery – The Best Travel App

By Cacinda Maloney The Best Travel App PointsandTravel on Findery It is not very often that I write about a travel app that makes your life easier and it a lot of fun.  In fact, this is the very first time I have ever written about an application used for travel. I am so excited to be a part of the new, best


A Backpack with a twist: Mindshift 180 Rotational Travel Away

By Cacinda Maloney MindShift 's Rotational 180 Take Away Backpack photo courtesy of MindShift Ok, that’s it, I have finally decided that I am a backpack junkie. I practically won’t travel anywhere without one. They don’t have that sheik luxury look that I like, but they are so functional that I just can’t get past this very fact. As a travel writer/blogger and


Granite Rocx – Tahoe Backpack Review

By Cacinda Maloney Granite Rocx Tahoe Backpack I wrote a review about luggage and backpacks for my travels here, but wanted to do a complete review of one of the backpack featured known as Granite Roxc – The Tahoe Backpack. As a travel writer/blogger and photographer, I need to have luggage and backpacks that are versatile and I use different pieces for the


Luggage and backpack review from a Travel Writer

By Cacinda Maloney Luggage and backpack review One of the things that has changed the most over the years with my travel is how much and what I take with me.   Today my goal is to pack less, which is easier said than done, but here I will try to outline some of the luggage gear products I love and take with me on


Delsey Chatelet Review

By Cacinda Maloney Delsey Chatelet Review I may have mentioned that I was at the International Travel Goods Show in April this year, I even wrote a round up of what I called "Innovative Products" from the show.  When I heard about this show, I made a list of vendors that had products that interested me and went by each booth to visit them, but there


Roncato Uno luggage, affectionately known as the ‘Silver Bullet’

By Cacinda Maloney I was looking for a new piece of carry-on luggage for my 16 year-old son for his travels this summer.   He would be traveling with the family to Belize, spending time with friends in Coronado Island, California and then doing a scuba diving camp in Catalina Island, California.  He needed something rugged, easy to handle, large enough to hold all his gear


Scottevest—your third carry-on, That’s ‘value luxury’ to me

By Cacinda Maloney  This week I have been thinking about fabrics, when I explored Malaysia and the way in which fabrics there were colored by hand in The Fabric of our Lives.  Here again, fabrics come to mind when I review the latest in travel-related clothing that has technology infused into it.  This particular jacket is made from microfleece. The use of fabrics as I mentioned


Meet Maxwell Scott

By Cacinda Maloney a piece of craftsmanship → un pezzo di artigianato With its fine Italian leather, this British company known as Maxwell Scott has designed some of the most spectacular bags in the world out of fine grain leather from Italy. I was thrilled when I was asked to review the perfect shoulder strap computer bag for today’s woman, the Rivara Large Workbag.  This is not just any computer


Travel Pony – A New Age Booking Site

By Cacinda Maloney As most of you know, I book almost all of my own personal travel experiences when I am not working in travel. I am always looking for the smokin' deals out there for my ‘value luxury’ website readers and myself. I am searching for that 'point' where luxury travel experiences and price intersect. Not all of us can stay in the premier


The Most Amazing Travel Product Ever! Relax ALLY

By Dr. Cacinda Maloney I couldn't wait to get out out of there.  I was exhausted, my head pounding from my pain , for good pain use tramadol ful stiff neck.  Sitting on that damn plane for hours, with little to no sleep.  I had arrived in "The Eternal City", my city of Rome.  Boarding that plane, I was excited, and wide eyed, now


Rocketmiles: a revolutionary way to earn frequent flyer miles

By Cacinda Maloney Rocketmiles  is a revolutionary new website that will offer you limited hotels in various cities that can have good payouts in the way of frequent flyer miles. It is worth checking before you book to see if there is a hotel that you would like to book in a particular city.  Not all cities are available, but the major cities are, so I


Online shopping portals: evrewards

One easy way to earn frequent flyer miles or hotel points is to use a shopping portal. I call evrewards a hassle-free tool designed to find out about all the reward programs and promos out there when you are shopping.  You may have never heard of a shopping portal, but they are easy to use and always add an extra little value to your frequent flyer miles

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