Asia Cruise: 3 Port Cities in Southeast Asia Not to Miss

Can you imagine going on a trip around the world? I couldn’t either, but now I have to pinch myself as I just returned from a segment of Holland America’s Grand Pacific and Far East Voyage! Although I didn’t do the entire voyage, I was thrilled to join the cruise in Hong Kong and depart in Australia. Holland America’s Grand Pacific and Far East Voyage


Cruise on the Europa 2 – The Most Luxurious Cruise Ship in the World

Cruise Europa 2 by Haplag-Lloyd I have heard and learned about many impressive amenities and services on a ship, but never had I seen the total package put together like the Europa2 by Haplag-Lloyd Cruises, a German-owned company. No wonder Berlitz Cruise Guide gave this cruise Europa2, the highest point combination possible in their most recent visit on the Europa2 in 2016. If you have never


Viking Star: Things to Know Before You Go

A typical objective when choosing a cruise is to get the best “bang for your buck” or to get the best value out of the cruise. I wrote earlier about “Nine Easy Reasons Why You Should Take a Viking Ocean Cruise” and ‘value and pricing" was, of course, the first thing mentioned. Most people want to think that they got a great deal and got


Nine Easy Reasons Why You Should Take a Viking Ocean Cruise

One of the main things I write about besides adventure and culture is value luxury or let’s call it something we can all understand: smart luxury. Viking Ocean Cruise (better known for their river cruising) has developed a product that could not better describe what smart luxury is: the Romantic Mediterranean aboard the Viking Star from Barcelona to Rome. And the awards are rolling in:


What are viking river cruises like?

By Cacinda Maloney What are Viking River Cruises like? Let's peak thru the window with fascination and find out. What are Viking River Cruises like? The day I received the invitation, I was so happy as a travel journalist and Instagrammer.  I was ready to take on the challenge of experiencing every detail of the Viking River Cruises.  But, what are Viking River Cruises


5 Reasons to Take a River Cruise with Scenic Cruises

By Cacinda Maloney “The journey not the arrival matters.” – T. S. Eliot TS Eliot quote In these six simple words, T.S. Eliot reminds us that a journey is more than a movement from one point to another, but that it is what happens during the journey that matters and the arrival is just the outcome.  This ad for Jaguar gives us the idea


Transatlantic Cruises for repositioning are cheap ways to cross the Atlantic

These are great cruises for those who just want to relax and hang out on a cruise ship, with all the amenities for a transatlantic trip for inexpensive prices.  The industry calls them repositioning cruises.  Basically what they are doing is transporting the ship to a different port for a different season and so they offer deep discounts, because the sailing is unlike a normal

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