Cruise Holland America: My Grand Asia and Pacific Voyage

  You can imagine the moment I received the email with an invitation for me to stay on a segment of the global cruise Holland America’s Grand Asia and Pacific Voyage! As a travel writer, I was thrilled.  As a traveler I was ecstatic! This global cruise started in San Diego and ended in San Diego 52 days later. I was to join them in


What I would do in five days in Queensland, Australia

By Cacinda Maloney What I would do in five days in Queensland, Australia inspired by Vermeer! Have you ever had a trip that needed a re-do?  You know, you are in some awesome place, on vacation, and somehow, things just don’t turn out how you envisioned it?  That happened to me and I think I need a redo of Queensland, Australia! I mean, look as


Island Bliss: Castaway Island, Fiji

Castaway Island We had the time of our lives, diving off the boat from our little Castaway Island out in the middle of nowhere in Fiji!  Each day we would drag ourselves out of bed early to catch the morning boat to go diving. Under the Sea, Castaway Island Kid Boat, Castaway Island  And the kids would do the same.  Adults