The Hermitage’s Treasures in St. Petersburg, Russia

The Hermitage's Treasures in St Petersburg The State Hermitage Museum is full of art and culture in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It is the second-largest art museum in the world containing over 3 million piece of art! And it is a MUST VISIT anytime you find yourself in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was founded by the Empress Catherine the Great in 1764 when she acquired an


Russia’s Red Square

As a traveler, Russia was always high on my list. I never thought I would be able to stand in Red Square, much less see the cathedral and walls to the palace of the Kremlin, and the gorgeous St. Basil's Church. I even took the train from Moscow to St. Petersburg. It was a dream come true. I was lucky enough to go for a


Three Wet Cats in Moscow, Russia

  Moscow, Russia I had always wanted to go to Russia.  And here was my chance.  My husband’s MBA class had an opportunity and we jumped on it. After ticketing, visas, and packing, we arrived late into the evening at the hotel.  He was scheduled to be at the classroom about 20 minutes away early the next morning, but I slept in and