Known as a hip, trendy and wealthy beach town in Southern California, Newport Beach has over 10 miles of Orange County’s best beaches on the Pacific Ocean! If you are looking to go somewhere this winter, make it Newport Beach, as there are so many amazing things to see and do.

Things to do in Newport Beach, California

Photo courtesy of Visit Newport Beach

Part of living a smart luxury lifestyle is finding the perfect blend of accommodations, restaurants, and activities for a relaxing vacation whether for the family, a couple or even if you are flying solo. I believe this is a perfect place for you to find it all! The town of Newport Beach has managed to create a resort-type lifestyle for its residents and it is coastal living at its finest! I call it the epitome of the California lifestyle.

Things to do in Newport Beach, California

Photo courtesy of Visit Newport Beach

Things to do in Newport Beach, California

Go out to the Balboa Pier and visit Balboa Island

It was named for the famous Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa. The island is primarily residential, but it has some historical buildings like the Balboa Pavilion the Balboa Theater,  and the Balboa Inn.

Visit the Newport Pier to people watch

Gaze at world-class body surfers at the Wedge

The wedge is a small area at the tip of the Balboa Peninsula where surfers and/or bodysurfers take dramatic rides on huge waves that occur by the sea wall.

Have a spa treatment at a luxury hotel

The Back Bay Loop Trail of Upper Newport Bay 

Ride bikes along 10.5-miles of great trails


Things to do in Newport Beach, California

Photo courtesy of Visit Newport

More Things to do in Newport Beach, California

Hike the Crystal Cove State Park

Or go down to the pristine beach and visit the historic beach cottages

Take a sunset cruise around the harbor

Go to Inspiration Point to watch the sunset!

The sunsets here are amazing. If you have the time, go about an hour before sunset. Bring a jacket and enjoy the beauty of the sunset!

Explore the shops on the boardwalk

Dine at the Cannery restaurant

This place looks gorgeous with its refection in the water.  It is owned by Cannery Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

View gray whales migrating on a whale-watching excursion

I have still not done this yet!

Go on an adventure with Jetpack America

Now, this looks like fun!

Things to do in Newport Beach, California

Photo courtesy of Visit Newport Beach

Newport Beach has a collection of unique islands and 10 neighborhoods that form their collective reputation of luxury, charm and casual glamour. One of the biggest challenges for you will be determining which neighborhood is right for you. Each neighborhood offers a distinct feel and atmosphere, and hotel prices will vary greatly. The city of Newport Beach offers rich amenities, with a 1600 acre harbor and over 9000 boats occupying the bay. With all of that, up against the gorgeous California beaches and natural outdoor setting, this makes Newport Beach a great spot for enjoying your vacation.  Have you been?


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