Tips for an Unforgettable River Cruise

Growing in popularity every year, river cruises make for one of the best ways to travel. With all the luxury of an ocean liner, but with a much more intimate ambiance, a river cruise lets you get up close and personal with some of Europe’s finest locations. There’s no skirting around the edges on a river cruise, they take you down some of the world’s great


Royal Holiday Reviews 6 Must-See Paris Attractions For Your Royal Holiday Vacation

Members of the Royal Holiday Vacation Club can find fantastic accommodations across the globe, and Paris, France is no exception. There are few destinations that offer more in the way of romance, culture, and entertainment than gay Paree and Royal Holiday offers several locations in and around this magical European metropolis. When you elect to stay at one of our Paris locations, including Citadines Les


Chromecast Audio Review

Play music on your speakers, new or old, wirelessly from your phone, laptop or tablet. Finally, Google jumps into the fray of wireless audio equipment with Chromecast Audio. This little piece of technology is FANTASTIC. Play music everywhere with Multi-room  You can connect it to any speaker that has a 3.5mm headphone jack and then have music in different rooms in your home using your


Great Ways to Take the Pain Out of Holiday Shopping

Do you love to travel and go shopping at the same time?  Or just love to go to dinner with friends where you need to split the bill ? So do I. How do I do it? By downloading the Square Cash App, which provides great ways to take the pain out of holiday shopping. I recently went on a Christmas Market River Cruise in


Radisson Blu Chicago Review + 30K Club Carlson Giveaway!

As a Club Carlson Ambassador, I am delighted to create a quick getaway itinerary for the sparkling and wavy 81-story icon Aqua Tower Radisson Blu Hotel in Chicago!     Radisson Blu is Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group’s highest-end product and has amazing selections of hotels in Europe that I outlined in Four Reasons to visit a Club Carlson in France and in I've Got the French Blues. This


10 Reasons Going on a Cruise is Good for Your Health

We all go on a cruise to have a great time and enjoy our vacations, but did you know there really are reasons to go on a cruise that is good for your health? There are plenty of reasons to go on a cruise. First of all, you get to visit plenty of amazing destinations. Secondly, they come under one package price that covers accommodation,


Ooma Telo Sweepstakes

OOMA Telo - Smart Home Phone Service Family time, uninterrupted! Now you can use Ooma Telo I never really knew what to do about my land line at my home. I was always worried about turning it off, because of 911 issues. I have kids and a pool, you just never know what emergency might pop up. Yet I had had the same phone number for



By Guest Author Jennifer Anders White and soft sand, palm trees, impressive size cliffs, and the ocean. At least a few vacation days in one of the seven most beautiful beaches in the world would make a tourist trip just as good as a fairytale. Of course, it is easy to be biased about it, but all of these beaches and places we are going


A Spring Staycation in Arizona: Radisson Take ME There Sweepstakes

You know what a staycation is, right? A vacation in your own hometown.  Here in sunny Arizona, we call them staycations and in this instance we can call it a Spring Staycation! There is nothing quite like a weekend getaway to really relax and refresh, but doing it in your own hometown is even better. The drive time is minimal, as well as the time it


Vacation in Tampa Bay

By Travel Writer Jennifer Anders There are many things to do when you are in the Tampa Bay area. There are beaches and theme parks that are some of the best in the world. The following are some tips for traveling to Tampa Bay and some things to do. Visiting Clearwater Beach is essential as it has some of the nicest sand in the world. Remember to


It’s Back: British Airways 100,000 Avios Visa Card

By Cacinda Maloney Amazing News: It's Back:  British Airways 100,000 Avios Visa Card   I have not written about points in a very long time, but this one is too good not to say something: It's Back:  British Airways 100,000 Avios Visa Card For a limited time, you can earn a total of 100,000 British Airways Avios points after applying for their signature card and


Iceland Excursions

By Cacinda Maloney Have you ever dreamed of going on a few Iceland Excursions?  Recently I have been thinking seriously about the destinations that I want to see in the upcoming travel year. Having traveled to 17 countries in 2014 and already 16 countries this year, I have narrowed down my searches and for some reason Iceland keeps making its way back to the top


Easy Healthy Meals Delivered To Your Doorstep

By Cacinda Maloney Comments Traveling Moms get every day from others: Easy Healthy Meals - Photo courtesy of IONutrition I like to think that since I am a mother and a wife, that I take care of my family, even when I am on the road! What does world traveler Dr. Cacinda Maloney do when she is on the road? Having traveled to 17


Boredom Busters: 4 Life Hacks to Break Life’s Dullness

By Cacinda Maloney Paris, France - EiffelTower 4 Life Hacks to Break Life's Dullness: #LifeHacktoBoredom It’s easy to get bored with your day-to-day, but sometimes all you need is the crunch of something new! Travel: Plan a trip When you are busy planning a trip, you do not have moments to think about how bored you are, because you need to spend time


Eight Must Have Items When Traveling

By Guest Writer Jennifer Anders Eight Must Have Items When Traveling Deciding what to take on your travelling adventure is difficult. You have limited space and don’t want to carry unnecessary luggage. With this handy guide, we’ve made it a little easier. Here are eight essential items that you can’t leave home without. 1. Camera You’ll want to document all those special moments along the way. Take


5 Ways to Travel and Earn Money at the Same Time

By Guest 5 Ways to Travel and Earn Money at the Same Time Sandals - All inclusive value-luxury resort in Jamaica 5 Ways to Travel and Earn Money at the Same Time Traveling is not cheap – there are accommodation, flights, day trips and food to think about, as well as rent, mortgage or phone bills back home. Even if you’re a budget


How to Make the Most of Your Solo Holiday Adventures

How to Make the Most of Your Solo Holiday Adventures  By:  Guest The thought of setting off on a holiday alone might make you feel nervous, but in fact there’s a lot to be said for solo travel. Embarking on adventures by yourself means you can forget having to make compromises on destinations and activities, and there’s no risk that your vacation will be spoiled


Be airport savvy and save cash

By Guest Airplane travel While the familiar things in life offer us a safety blanket, there is much to be said for trying something new. When it comes to holidays and travel, this can take on many forms, from where you go, to where you stay, and even where you leave from. Flying from a different airport to where you usually do isn’t a


Arrivederci! My Upcoming Epic Travels!

By Cacinda Maloney I thought I would let you guys in on a little preview of my upcoming travels.  I am getting ready for a whirlwind trip to Italy and Ireland, countries I have been to before, but honestly they are two of my favorite ... and ones I always look forward to going back to. It all started out when I was going to


Exclusively for Californians: Great Deal on Alaska Airlines!

By Cacinda Maloney Alaska Airlines has launched a promo for California flyers from San Diego. When you register and fly TWO roundtrips between San Diego and any of 13 cities from now through November 20, 2013, you will get a discount code valid for a free roundtrip from San Diego – you will just be responsible for the taxes, starting at $19 depending on the destination. The 13


EXPIRED: American Airlines Offers Fast Track to Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum!

By Cacinda Maloney American Airlines Update:  Here’s an update from American in the Executive Platinum Facebook group: Hi Everybody – yesterday was quite a day and I greatly appreciate your feedback in all forms and fashion! As you know, from time to time we run highly targeted offers to attract high-value customers. These offers are not intended to be publicly available or dilutive


Music to my ears, ching ching: No Foreign Transaction Fees on United Explorer Card

By Cacinda Maloney Update on United Mileage Plus Explorer Card: Pay no foreign transaction fees when you use your Mileage Plus Explorer Card:   Effective June 1, 2013  NO FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEES n Fees. No foreign transaction fees on the United Mileage Plus Explorer Card   Bring home memories, not extra fees. The United MileagePlus® Explorer Card is enhancing your travel experience  with


Buy British Airways ticket and receive two nights free hotel.

By Cacinda Maloney Isn't it time to visit your friends across the pond? Don't have any?  Well that's OK, I don't either, but any excuse to go to Europe is a great excuse!   Springtime is a great time to go to London! British Airways wants to help get you there!  Walk in the path of history  by  seeing the changing of the


American Airlines Award Ticket Overview

By Cacinda Maloney American Airlines is again running their buy/share miles special until Jan 31, 2013.  Truly it is not a great deal to buy these miles unless you just need to top off your AA account to redeem for a specific award you have in mind.  Basically the sweet spot of buying AA miles is when you buy 40,ooo, which will yield 55,000 total


Welcome Miles Momma Readers!

By Cacinda Maloney I am so excited to be the featured travel writer for Miles Momma on her Sunday Travel Adventure series.  So why don't you take off your shoes and stay a while?  I have plenty of trip reports for you to read.  You need to  see what you can do with all those points that MilesMomma teaches you how to get!  I get


Want to go to South America? NYC to Montevideo, Uruguay $566

UPDATE:  FARE GONE On TACA:  This is a very good fare to Montevideo, Uruguay.   Montevideo is a good base to visit Punte del Estes, Punta del Diablo and Buenos Aires.  From Montevideo, you can take the ferry to Buenos Aires and this would save Americans the $140 reciprocity fee that Argentina charges Americans for entering Argentina through the Buenos Aires airports (get smart when


An unexpected trip to Spain

I have been doing research on travel writing, which has led me down various paths of decisions about this website.  I decided I should take the plunge and go head first.  I will attend TBEX 2012, which is a travel bloggers conference in Girona, Spain.  I decided to go before the conference to Barcelona so that I can get a good look at Antoni Gaudi's


Thinking about your ski vacation in August?

No, of course you aren't, but take a look at this offer from Liftopia's Mountain Collective.  It basically includes TWO ski days at each of these four absolutely world class resorts:  Aspen/Snowmass, CO; Jackson Hole, WY, Squaw Valley, CA and Alta in Utah for $349 for adults and $229 for kids.  You can imagine how expensive it will be to go skiing this year, so this is