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Why You Should Start Bringing a Drone on Your Travels!

If you watch travel YouTubers or TikTokers then there is a very high chance that you’ve seen aerial footage. Who doesn’t love aerial footage? Those views are amazing, the videos are to die for, and the unique shots that you get are something else too! Needless to say, you’re getting a whole new view when you bring this with you on travels. Whether it’s the DJI Air 3 or some other drone model, are they actually worth it? Better yet, is this nothing more than trendy, or are drones here to stay for the ever-loving traveler? Well, here are some reasons why you should consider bringing a drone with you on your future travels!

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Think of All the Amazing Footage You’ll Capture

You don’t have to be a travel blogger or influencer in order to have amazing photos and videos of your travels. You don’t need to be a content creator. Remember, this is your trip, and these are the best ways to store your precious memories. With drones, you can capture amazing aerial footage that would be impossible or at least very difficult with a traditional camera. You can also use different flight modes to get some really cool shots. For example, the Sphere mode is great for getting a full view of your subject. 

Then there’s the Circle mode, which circles around your subject at a constant altitude and encloses it in its environment. This can give your video a sense of density and is a fantastic way to show off large spaces. Plus, you don’t have to fly these super high either in order to get amazing footage. No private flights are required, nothing expensive, just great views!

You Can Explore in Comfort

Generally speaking, you’re going to be able to fit in comfort while still being able to witness unique views. Sometimes, some of the best views are not possible, such as what’s beyond the cliffs. Sometimes, hard-to-reach areas like caves are both dangerous and impossible to get into, but with a drone and good pilot skills, you’re able to easily access these. You get out-of-this-world views, all while being entirely safe and comfortable. What’s there not to love there?

Easy to Pack

While drones used to be huge and would need their own special suitcase, technology has advanced to the point where drones are smaller. There are plenty that are available that are small. So, generally speaking, if you want to pack lightly, then you’ll still be able to do that while bringing all of the necessary travel gear such as this. Overall, this is a benefit, but of course, it’s all going to depend on the model you choose. Overall, no matter where you’re going for your trip, such as Cancun or somewhere colder like Finland, you can count on this being an easy pack!

It Takes Great  Photos

A drone can take amazing pictures while you travel. It can capture stunning landscapes, or you can use it to get close-up shots of people or animals. This is a great way to remember your trip and share the experience with friends back home. Just make sure to be respectful when flying your drone. Many places have strict rules about drones, so it’s important to know the laws before you visit. You could end up getting a fine or having your drone confiscated if you fly it where it’s not allowed. While it doesn’t take incredible photos like a Leica camera, the photos are still pretty great.

Potential Money Saver

Generally speaking, some travelers will book a plane ride, hot air balloon ride, or even a helicopter ride, and these are the main ways to see aerial views. Needless to say, they’re very expensive, and this can honestly be a major hassle for trips. So, if it’s not really about a flight to get to Point A to Point B, but instead, you’re just wanting some unique views, you’re better off sticking with a drone. Chances are that one drone is going to cost the same price as a tourist flight for two to three passengers. So, in the end, you’re saving yourself a lot of money!

One of the Greatest Ways to Capture Memories

While these are expensive, they’re still one of the greatest ways to capture memories. Getting to see sites you normally wouldn’t see and being able to record them is special. Plus, traditional selfies are so overdone, and you can never see what’s in the background. You’re able to get amazing photos just through a drone. Now how’s that for photos? In the end, you’re getting something exceptional, and it’s something that should absolutely be utilized on trips! 

Can Help Capture Local Culture

It’s not just about landscapes, but capturing the local culture too. When traveling, it’s important to try and experience the local culture as much as possible. A drone is a great way to do this, as it allows you to capture footage and photos from a unique perspective. This can be especially helpful if you’re looking to capture images of a specific landmark or attraction. Just be sure to use caution when flying your drone. Some countries have strict drone laws, and it’s important to check out the laws before you travel. Otherwise, you could end up getting your drone confiscated at the airport.

Perfect for Individual and Family Photos/ Videos

Whether you’re a content creator or not (that includes just personal pictures on Instagram and other social media platforms), chances are, you want great pics and videos. Hiring a photographer can be expensive, and hoping to find a kind stranger to take a photo of you can be a risk too. Overall, it’s just best to play it safe and, instead, use a drone. You don’t have to worry about others, you’re getting unique photos, and you’re getting photos that you love that are not some ridiculously high price. 

What to Keep in Mind Before Bringing a Drone on Your Trip

Are there things to keep in mind before bringing a drone? Absolutely, while cameras and phones are essentially a free-for-all when it comes to traveling throughout different countries, it’s not allowed in all countries. Plus, it’s not freely allowed in all spots, too (like an airport). For the most part, those who have basic experience in drones will know about this. However, that’s not all. So, let’s take a look at what you’ll need to think about before bringing a drone with you.

Safety Still Matters

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional drone pilot, it’s important to always put safety first. This means doing a physical inspection of your drone prior to flying (particularly the propellers). Damaged props can lead to lost footage, so make sure they’re in good condition. It’s not just that, but pieces, or even the drone in its entirety, can break, and that could potentially hurt people.  

Research Drone Regulations

Not just in your home country but in all countries, including those you’re having a layover. Depending on where you are going and what you’re doing, drones may be restricted in some areas. You’ll want to know the drone laws of your destination country. Most countries have their own civil aviation agency that governs drone operations, and those regulations can differ from one to the next. For instance, many national parks and wildlife preserves have no-fly zones, as the sound of a drone can disturb sensitive animals and cause them stress. 

Before you travel, it’s essential to research the laws of your destination and airline policies to ensure that you are traveling with your drone in accordance with these regulations. Drone laws vary widely from country to country and can change often. For example, drones are allowed in Norway but only outside of national parks, while merely owning a drone can result in arrest in Egypt. In the end, you have to be really careful.

Check the Weather

The weather conditions can make the difference between a perfect image and a disappointing one. Before flying, check the temperature, humidity, wind speed, and precipitation forecasts for your destination. Some drone manufacturers recommend avoiding temperatures below freezing as the cold can cause batteries to drain faster than normal. It’s best to avoid snow as well because the drone might return covered in moisture, which can lead to blown ESC fuses. Unlike cameras or phones, there are far more requirements you need to keep in mind. 

Check Airport Security Beforehand

If you’re planning on taking your drone with you on a flight, you should know that each airline has its own unique drone policies. For example, some airlines require that drones and their batteries be packed in carry-on luggage rather than checked baggage. The reason for this is that most drones and their batteries are classified as dangerous goods. Therefore, they need to be properly packaged before being transported on planes. Some airports (depending on the country) will entirely not allow you to have a drone at all, even if it’s packed away. 

Overall, a drone can be an incredible tool to bring on your travels. They can honestly really shake things up in the best way possible. But you’ll need to make sure that you’re doing everything safely and you’re staying completely educated about all of this too!

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