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I don’t know about you, but since the television show Amazing Race came out, I was glued to the DVR recordings with my oldest son.  We couldn’t wait to sit down together and watch the show to see the filmmakers give us a front-row seat to the world.  We have watched many an episode about these people who team up and meet in various places throughout the world and perform some superhuman feats. Honestly, I think it all looks like a lot of fun, yet with the difficult tasks, I am not sure how we would perform in the challenges.  I have also noticed that the interpersonal relationships between the two people on the team is crucial to the success of the thrill-seekers on the show.

So let’s say you wanted to apply to The Amazing Race, but you really didn’t want to have to step up to the challenge of being on television and all that goes along with that.

 Well, have I got something for you?

Amazing Race across Mystery Destinations in the World

Amazing Race across Mystery Destinations in the World

I heard about this company called Competitours a couple of years ago. It was created by none other than one of the most famous frequent flyer extraordinaire in the world: Steve Belkin!  He thought up this crazy idea to start a company where the teams compete against each other in unknown places throughout the world after he took a scavenger hunt with his wife.  But it wasn’t just any old scavenger hunt, it was a 23 day, 4 continent, 10 country Global Scavenger Hunt!

So let me tell you a little bit about Competitours.

Competitours transform scavenger hunts into amazing vacations, where you will discover Europe through a daily dose of exciting challenges. So here is how it works: There are 12 teams, 11 days of surprise challenges, 7-8 mystery destinations across Western Europe, oh and the kicker – there is up to $7200 in prize money for the top 3 teams! And every team has a fighting chance to win.

So what are these challenges? All the teams will participate in the same challenge and there are a few days where there is a ‘grab-bag’ challenge, whereby teams can choose from a menu of options! I have heard of everything from chocolate wars in Brussels to a dance-off in Sorrento. These challenges are customized to unique locations and are things that almost anyone can perform.

And I love this idea:

Mystery Destinations


You will have no idea where you are going until you get there! From Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria, all western European destinations are a possibility. Using the train system and low-cost airlines, you explore a mix of cites, villages, and everything in between. Thankfully, there is free time on several afternoons or evenings for your own personal shopping, dining, and exploration.

So here is the breakdown of the prize pool worth up to $7200 CASH:

1st Place Team: share $3600 max or 50% of the prize pool

2nd Place Team: share $2520 max or 35% of the prize pool

3rd Place Team: share $1080 max or 15% of the prize pool

Check out their website for dates and pricing of this extraordinary adventure. I know you will have a blast!

Disclosure:  This post was a paid sponsorship of Competitours.  The amazing time one would have on this trip though is completely up to the participant.  I know I would love to go!



Sharing is Caring!