Myanmar’s Water Dwellers of Inle Lake

Travelers to Myanmar are there to explore the thousands of pagodas and temples that characterize this country (formerly known as Burma).  That’s a given.  But not to be missed is the surreal watery world of Inle Lake, famous for its natural beauty, glassy waters, and inhabited by Inthas, the native lake-dwellers known as Myanmar' Water Dwellers of Inle Lake. Photo by Donnie Sexton


Mystical Myanmar Pagoda Photo!

That was my mantra when I stepped off the plane in Yangon, Myanmar. To be honest, I had googled a few images from this Southeast Asia destination to get a sense of what kind of photos I could come home with. Since I was traveling with a group of photographers on a trek. The awe-inspiring photo had to be a shot of hot air balloons

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