Scottevest—your third carry-on, That’s ‘value luxury’ to me

By Cacinda Maloney 

This week I have been thinking about fabrics, when I explored Malaysia and the way in which fabrics there were colored by hand in The Fabric of our Lives.  Here again, fabrics come to mind when I review the latest in travel-related clothing that has technology infused into it.  This particular jacket is made from microfleece. The use of fabrics as I mentioned before “define(s) who we are, what we like, and what style we are.”  As I look around at my life, I see many different types of materials that I have chosen to represent who I am.

Which leads me to making choices about what materials to include in my travels.  One thing that I have been noticing about my travel lately is how it has changed.  I used to travel every six weeks of my life, but now it is even more than that.  I also used to bring along with me a large piece of luggage, but have ditched that for a smaller, carry-on luggage and a backpack as my personal item.

What goes into that luggage that has now changed, too.  Things I used to bring multiple of are now narrowed down to a single digit item.  One thing in particular is the jacket that I carry for travel.  I was given a media sample of the Chloe Hoodie from Scottevest and so I tried it out.

The Chloe Hoodie, Scottevest

I chose the black –                                                           Chloe Hoodie, Scottevest

You know the brand – Scottevest –that guy from Shark Tank that pissed all the investors off by refusing to sell them his company, but only wanted them to invest in his technology.  It makes for exciting TV!

Scottevest is a travel clothing company that created some of the first-ever, technology-included clothing for today’s ever-growing voracious need for technology.  Basically, it includes having hidden pockets throughout the clothing to put your technology in, plus other things needed for traveling.

The Chloe Hoodie, Scottevest

The Chloe Hoodie, Scottevest

Scottevest calls the Chloe hoodie the cutest, softest, most useful hoodie jacket in the world and I have to say I agree.  Also, it is now becomes my third carry on!

The Chloe Hoodie, Scottevest

The Chloe Hoodie, Scottevest

Scottevest took the travel jacket to a whole new level by streamlining the style and by using plush microfleece with a hoodie and then added 14 pockets designated for your phone, sunglasses, a kindle, a passport, your camera, your wallet and ipad!  There is even an inside key attachment for you to remember where you put those things once you leave the ground.

REVIEW:  I used the Chloe Hoodie jacket for a trip where there were quite a few different types of weather that I was going to encounter (3 countries, from cool, cold to warm beach). I chose the black color and quickly wired my headphones into the hood. The process was smooth and easy.

  • I need a comfortable, warm jacket for travel on the plane since it is typically cold and the hoodie helps for when I wanted to sleep.  For this it worked perfectly.
  • I loved the material, as it was soft, plush and made from microfiber.  Although black, I didn’t have a lot of lint attach to the jacket, which was great.
  • The 14 pockets were mostly on the inside, where other people don’t see them.  I did have a hard time remembering where I put things, but over time, I created a system to remember.
  • A “weight management system” helped to distribute the weight of my iphone, water bottle, and other travel items, which meant that my jacket had a clean look and was comfortable to wear.  The sleeve length was good.
  • I liked also the idea of the two year defective warranty period. which covering such things as defective zippers, mis-stitching.

Overall, this is now my go-to jacket for the airplane for my travels.  Light-weight, warm with the pockets were the biggest value point for me.  Price:  $90.  I would say that is a great ‘value luxury’ item for this traveler.


Disclosure:  As mentioned before, Scottevest sent me a media sample of Chloe Hoodie for review.  It in no way swayed my love for the microfiber soft jacket and influenced me in no way to have it become my go-to jacket for airplane travel!

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