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Salamanca Spain and its Small Luxury Hotel: Hacienda Zorita

On my recent visit to Salamanca, Spain in the Castile Y León region, I was fortunate enough to have lunch at the famed restaurant, Zorita’s Kitchen. It is located on the property of the Hacienda Zorita Hotel, a small luxury hotel. This was a perfect stop after touring the University of Salamanca, which dates back to 1218 AD, including its famed library that was founded in 1254 AD. Also, the historic city of Salamanca was amazing as well, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But I digress.

Small luxury hotel

The beauty – Photo courtesy of Kerwin McKenzie

Small Luxury Hotels in Spain

Small luxury hotel

Hacienda Zorita – Photo courtesy of Kerwin McKenzie

Hacienda Zorita

The Hacienda Zorita is a part of the Small Luxury Hotel collection of the world brand. And is a perfect place to stay when you visit the region. The main attraction in the region is following the journey of Santa Teresa de Avila among other things such as the Camino de Santiago. Staying at this small luxury hotel is way at the other spectrum of visiting these two attractions in the region. As it’s a luxurious property, but a welcome place to unwind.

Small luxury hotel

Map of Spain, Salamanca

Get a Car

You definitely need a car to access the property. Or you may arrange a local taxi from the nearby town of Salamanca, which is easily accessed by bus or train from Madrid. The property, which sits along the River Tormes that runs through the region, used to house a monastery that dates back to the 14th century. Not to worry though, as the small luxury hotel boasts all the modern-day comforts. Plus meets all the high standards of the Small Luxury Hotel brand. Today, the building that used to house the monastery is the wine cellar. Also, the four oldest Sequoia trees in Europe are on the property.

Hacienda Zorita – The Rooms

Small luxury hotel

Hacienda Zorita – Photo courtesy of Kerwin McKenzie

There are 40 rooms and suites throughout the property and if you are lucky enough, you may get one that overlooks the river. Regardless of your view, you will still enjoy the property as the garden views are just as beautiful as the river views. The property is quite famous as well since, in his time, Christopher Columbus stayed there as a guest for about six months. There’s a plaque with a sculpture of him at the front of the property.

Hacienda Zorita – The Wine Spa

Perhaps the best part of the property is the vinotherapy spa. It is located outside of the main property in what used to be the watermill. It even includes an outdoor jacuzzi with a view of the river Tormes. There is also another jacuzzi indoors. The Spa specializes in wine and olive therapy.

Small luxury hotel

The wine – Photo courtesy of Kerwin McKenzie

Hacienda Zorita – Wine Tasting

You can enjoy wine tasting in the cellars or at the bar if you wish. Hacienda Zorita is Spain’s first small luxury wine hotel. The wines are a part of the Marqués de la Concordia family of wines.

Zorita’s Kitchen

This is one of four such restaurants around the world and they are working on opening new ones. You can find Zorita’s Kitchens in London, England; Stavanger, Norway, and Madrid, Spain.

One unique part of the restaurant is that it gets its cheese and select food supply from its own organic farm, Hacienda San Nicolás, a 10km drive away.

Small luxury hotel

The farm – Photo courtesy of Kerwin McKenzie

We were treated to a tour of the facility and got a chance to sample the cheese; it was exquisite. Plus a tour of the cheese-making facility.

Small luxury hotel

The cheese – Photo courtesy of Kerwin McKenzie

If you are thinking of visiting on a weekend, it is suggested you make a reservation, so you won’t be disappointed.

The Hacienda Zorita Hotel

Small luxury hotel

Hacienda Zorita – Photo courtesy of Kerwin McKenzie

Small luxury hotel

Hacienda Zorita – Photo courtesy of Kerwin McKenzie

The main house of the property houses the double rooms of the hotel; they sit above the Zorita’s Kitchen. There are three types of rooms; bedrooms, villas, and suites, with the villas being the largest. You pass these on the left as you enter the property. So next time you are in the Castilla Y León region, consider staying at the Hacienda Zorita, just outside of the town of Salamanca, Spain.

Hacienda Zorita – A Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Address: Carretera Salamanca-Ledesma, km. 12,

37115 Valverdón, Salamanca, Spain

Phone:+34 923 12 94 00

Small luxury hotel

Mr. Kerwin McKenzie

By Kerwin McKenzie of Cruising Altitude  – One can typically find Kerwin flying all over the world, having taken an early absence from his airline job, he now travels even more frequently.  I believe even I have seen him in more than 5 countries!  He most graciously agreed to go on a trip for PointsandTravel and to post a travel-related article here about a small luxury hotel in Spain! You may recognize his writing style from this very popular article he wrote about Avila, Spain – The Most Charming Walled City in Spain

Disclosure:  Kerwin Mckenzie was a guest of the Tourist Office of Spain as a travel writer for  All opinions expressed here are strictly his own.

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