Genoa, Italy: My next travel Adventure

Genoa, Italy  Here I come!  Get ready to read and peruse photographs of the Cinque Terre Region of Italy – the Italian Riveria, as it is on my list of next travel places for this year.  Notice the two different ways I spelled Genoa.  Genoa is the English way to spell it and Genova is the Italian way to spell it!

Genoa, Italy

Susan Pohlman’s Book Cover

Then after that, it is on to the Italy Retreat and Writing Adventure, where I will be the official photographer for the event!  It will be in Nervi, Italy at the Villa Pagaoda.  It is hosted by Susan Pohlman and Carlette Patterson.  Susan Pohlman wrote a wonderful book called Halfway to Each Other: How a year in Italy brought our family home, about a family that was torn apart and how moving to this region in Italy brought this family back together.  Carlette Patterson is a Life Coach who also wrote a book called I thought we had Forever.  about the death of her husband and how that impacted the lives of her family.  They have created a unique program that blends life coaching and writing instruction.

Cinque Terre, here I come!

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