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We have a winner of the two transatlantic airline tickets to Norway on IcelandAir on a departure from one of their US gateways to Oslo courtesy of VisitNorwayUSA.

It is Joshua Sorkin of Washington, DC.

He says that he has been lucky to be traveling since he was very young. He was always interested in visiting new places and experiencing new cultures.

Joshua Sorkin, Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

Joshua Sorkin, Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

I took this opportunity to interview him about his travels:

What kind of traveler are you?   

Currently, I travel more for pleasure than business. My friends and family would sum up my travel style with one word: classy. While I tend to make my trips well planned and researched, the truth is, I would rarely pass up an opportunity to travel anywhere at the drop of a hat.

How many countries have you visited?  

I’ve visited 32 countries. The last country I visited was Cambodia for my cousin’s wedding. (I really enjoyed seeing the sun rise at Angkor Wat). 

Do you like to travel to foreign countries?  

I really like to travel to foreign countries- I enjoy experiencing new cultures and exploring new cities.

What is your favorite thing to do while traveling?   

I would definitely describe myself as a foodie. One of my favorite aspects of traveling is experiencing the culinary delights and restaurants of the areas I visit. I also enjoy (attempting) to learn new languages – although on short trips this proves to be very difficult.

City or Beach? 

I would have to say both! In undergrad, I had the chance to study abroad in Barcelona- where you don’t have to compromise having the city or the beach (and some mountains as well).

We all have certain expectations when we visit places, what is your expectation of Norway?

I am not quite sure what sort of expectations I have of Norway—I’m very excited to go. I feel like it will be different from most places I’ve visited before, as I have never been to Scandinavia. From the pictures I’ve seen, it appears to be a country rich in culture and beauty.  I must admit that my vision of Norway is largely based on my childhood memories of the Norway pavilion ride at the Epcot Pavilion at Disney World.  As long as a troll doesn’t attempt to send me over a waterfall (like on the ride), I expect I’ll have a great time!

How lucky I am to get such an experienced traveler to go on this trip to Norway!  I look forward to hearing about what he finds to do in Norway.  He has even promised to send me along some pictures when he returns!






Sharing is Caring!