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Where to Stay in Puerto Escondido – (2023) Best Areas and Beaches

Where to Stay in Puerto Escondido – Best Areas and Beaches

Puerto Escondido lies on the Pacific Ocean. You will find it in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. It is fast becoming a favorite tourist destination which is not surprising. For starters, it has a pleasant climate year-round. Aside from that, this town has a beach vibe to it. This attracts travelers and surfers too. 

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One of the best things about this beach town is that there are plenty of hotels to stay in. You can stay in one of the best luxury hotels here. Aside from that, there are budget-friendly accommodations too. Are you wondering where the best areas to stay in Puerto Escondido are? Let me show you!

Getting to Know Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is a small beach town in Oaxaca City. It is so small that you can reach everything within 10 to 15 minutes by driving. This means that you can easily get around this town. I love the laid-back atmosphere here. Also, there are bars and restaurants where you can enjoy great food. The best part is that there are plenty of activities for all ages! That’s right! You can travel on your own or with the whole family. 

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The best time to travel here is during the dry season. This means that you should book a trip between November to April. Take note that this is also the peak season. There will be more tourists during this time. Also, you need to book your accommodations earlier. 

Aside from that, you can also come here between May and October. That is if you don’t mind a little rain. One of the advantages of visiting here during the rainy season is getting the best deal. You might find a luxury hotel offering a room at a much lower price. 

Traveling to Puerto Escondido

There are no international daily flights traveling directly to this town. You can take a connecting flight from Mexico City or Guadalajara. It is possible to travel to Puerto Escondido International Airport. This airport lies on the edge of the town. In fact, it takes a short drive to get to Puerto Escondido city center.

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You can grab a taxi to take you to the town centre. However, be prepared to pay an extra cost for them. Aside from that, you can walk outside the airport and down the main road. Cross the main street where you will find more taxis. I prefer getting a taxi here because their rates are cheaper. 

Best Hotels in Puerto Escondido by Area

As mentioned before, Puerto Escondido is a small town. However, it does pack a punch in terms of activities. In fact, digital nomads are falling in love with this place. After all, most attractions are just a couple of minutes’ walk away from one another. 

If this is your first time visiting, you’re probably thinking about where to stay. I can recommend Hotel Escondido right off the bat. Well, the main beaches here have something unique to offer. Let me show you the main areas in this town and the best places to stay in. Let’s get started. 

  1. Playa Principal

Playa Principal is hands down the best place to stay for first-timers. You will find some of the best Puerto Escondido hotels here. Aside from that, there are cheap hotels too for budget travelers. Most hotels are on the beach thus giving you great ocean views. In addition, there are several restaurants and bars too. Most of them are near tourist hotspots which is a plus. 

  • Hotel Santa Fe

If you are thinking of splurging, this luxury hotel is the one for you. This hotel has a classy vibe to it. The best part is that the rates are cheaper compared to Cancun. You will get good value for your money here for sure. 

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In fact, guests will have access to the hotel’s three swimming pools. These pools sit in front of the Playa Principal. Add to this view the swaying palm trees on every corner. You know you have found a good spot to stay. After all, this colonial-style hotel boasts Mexican decorations in its space. In addition, its on-site restaurant transforms into a party place at night. 

Meanwhile, its spacious rooms come with wooden furniture. Some even have a private balcony with a sea view. Couples or families will enjoy their stay because there are tons to do here. For example, the beach is just a one-minute walk from the hotel. In addition, Hotel Santa Fe sits between Marinaro Beach and Zicatela Beach. This means that you can hop from one beach to another easily. 

Head to the outdoor restaurant where you can sample authentic Mexican dishes. I recommend their seafood dishes because they are always fresh. Aside from that, you can also try their international cuisine here. Hotel Santa Fe offers rental cars, room service, and in-room massages. 

  • Casa Losodeli & Coworking

Casa Losodeli is a good option for an adults-only hotel. It is just a 6-minute walk from the beach. Plus, you can travel to the airport within 10 minutes. If you are looking for the best beaches in Mexico, you are in luck. Carrizalillo Beach is just close by. 

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Take your pick of private rooms or dormitories here. Aside from its authentic design, it comes with furniture too. Each room has a desk, a bathroom, and a small terrace. This hotel is quite popular with digital nomads. After all, there is free Wi-Fi and a 24-hour check-in too. You will be able to work online any time of the day. 

As for amenities, there is a large pool on the property. You can bring your computer here while lounging by the pool. There is also a co-working space if you want to minimize distraction. Other amenities include a restaurant and a bar. On the other hand, there is a shared area where you can cook your meals. This is also a good spot to meet other guests. 

I love the activities that the owners come up with. For example, they have boat tours and surfing lessons. They let their guests interact with one another. Aside from that, you can head to the rooftop for a sea view. 

  1. Playa Zicatela 

The beaches of Zicatela are a great place to spend time in. This is ideal for those who want to be near the happenings in the town. Tourists flock here for its nightlife. Here you will find rows of bars and clubs with live music. You will soon find yourself partying the night away. 

You don’t have to worry about your tight budget. There are hostels that you can stay in. You can choose to stay in dorms or private rooms. Of course, you can splurge in one of the luxury resorts here like Punta Zicatela Hotel. Regardless of what your budget is, you will find a good place here.

  • Hotel Rockaway

For those who are looking for a mid-range hotel, this is it. It lies on Zicatela Beach. This means that you will have easy access to bars and restaurants. Aside from that, there are 32 rooms here to choose from. Accommodations here range from rooms to private residences. Each room comes with air conditioning, a private bathroom, and toiletries. I recommend that you book their suite if you are traveling with a large group. 

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Hotel Rockaway is a favorite among budget travelers with good reason. The prices are affordable for its luxurious space. In fact, there is a supermarket on the premises to buy your needs from. Other amenities include a bar, a beautiful garden, and a 24-hour front desk service. This means that you can ask for assistance no matter when you need it. 

Aside from that, you can even request them to book a tour for you. Not only that but there is a fitness center here where you can work out. There is an outdoor swimming pool at your disposal. You can lounge by the pool or take a dip in it. 

This boutique hotel is perfect for families or large groups. After all, the rooms here are spacious and comfortable. The best part is that the rates are competitive.

  • Hotel Palapas Tortuga

This hotel is a bit far from downtown Puerto Escondido, but still a good option. After all, it is just a short distance from Punta Zicatela. This means that you can spend your day at the beach. This is the perfect place for solo travelers or couples who want to save money. 

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One of the things that you will like about this hotel is its rooms. They are painted in turquoise blue with bright white accents. Aside from that, they have bathrooms, flat-screen TVs, and free WiFi. In terms of amenities, you will find a large swimming pool on the property. Guests can lounge by the pool or go for a refreshing swim. Also, there is a well-kept garden where you can go for a stroll. 

Meet your fellow guests in the hotel’s common area. Here you can hang out while cooking. This shared area is perfect for socializing. I highly recommend this spot if you are on a strict budget. The prices here are easy on the pockets. The best part is that they still offer world-class service here. 

  1. La Punta

Meanwhile, La Punta is suitable for those who want to chill and unwind. In fact, this is one of the best spots in this beach town. You will be amazed by its pristine white-sand beach. Also, you can have fun doing water sports here. Think kayaking, swimming, and surfing. You can even find a good spot on the beach and just lie there to sunbathe. Aside from that, the dirt roads here are lined with boutiques and restaurants to explore. Sounds good? Let’s take a look at the best hotels here. 

  • Casona Sforza

There is no doubt that Casona Sforza is a luxury adults-only hotel. It lies on La Barra de Colotopec in Puerto Escondido. This is why it is a perfect choice for couples who are looking for a romantic spot. Casona Sforza boasts 11 suites on its beach-front property. Each one has either a stunning ocean view or a private pool. You will fall in love with its architectural design. It mixes traditional Mexican and contemporary designs in one. I am a fan of the arches here. I think you will be too. 

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Step inside your room and you will be blown away. Aside from a comfortable bed to sleep on, the interior design is simply beautiful. It is always nice to wake up to the sound of the ocean. Casona Sforza delivers this experience with its gorgeous seaside views. Guests are welcome to use the outdoor pool here. Aside from that, you will have access to their private beach too. 

The hotel is about five miles away from the town center. This means that you can go and explore the city for a day. In addition, you can make your way to Bocana Colotepec. This is a beautiful beach that you can splash around. If you are looking forward to an inclusive experience, this is where you should be. 

  • Casa Bicachi

Meanwhile, Casa Bicachi boasts a modern living space for its guests. It is just 7 minutes’ away from the beach. Here you will find beach bars and restaurants nearby. Their location is just perfect for those who are feeling famished by the beach. Aside from that, Casa Bicachi is close to La Punta. This makes it an ideal spot for those who want a place where they can unwind. 

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What’s so great about Casa Bicachi? Well, I am impressed with its rooms. Not only are they spacious, but they are beautifully designed too. They come with bathrooms too. Depending on which room you are getting, you can either have a view of the sea or the pool. I love the fact that they use wooden floors here. They do lend an authentic touch to the space.

If you are willing to splurge a little for your accommodation, this is where you should be. You will stay in comfortable rooms throughout the night. However, it is far from where the action is happening. If this is the kind of vibe that you are after, Casa Bicachi is worth checking out. 

  1. Rinconada

Families traveling to Puerto Escondido should consider Rinconada. However, this is just a small area within the beach town. This means that choices for accommodations will be limited. On a good note, you will still find luxurious hotels here. Even budget hotels are available too. 

  • Suites La Hacienda

The first thing that you will like about this place is its location. After all, it is near Playa Manzanillo. There are also plenty of bars and restaurants here. As the name suggests, this is a hacienda-style hotel. It has a beautiful large pool with palm trees surrounding it. There is also a roof terrace where you can admire the views. Of course, the rooms here are pretty amazing too. 

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What I love about the suites here is their design. They have a distinct look to them with amazing details. Most of them have great views of the ocean. Others come with a seating area for you to entertain guests. All of them have air conditioning and a private bathroom. There is also free WiFi so you can stay connected. 

I recommend this spot for families who want a home away from home. You will get great value for your money when you stay here.

  • Quinta Carrizalillo

If you are looking for the best hotel in the Puerto Escondido area, this is one of them. It lies in the center of Rinconada and is just a short walk from the beach. Here you can indulge in various water sports. Aside from that, it is also a mile away from the commercial walkway where most shops are found. 

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Guests will find the private rooms here to be spacious and modern. They are also bright and welcoming which is a plus. The rooms do have a traditional Mexican feel to them. You will be pleased to know that they come with air conditioning and private bathrooms. Each hotel room has a private kitchen in case you want to cook your own meals.

Spend the day lounging in their outdoor pool. You can bring your drink here while enjoying the sun. Aside from that, there is also a garden where you can relax and unwind. All types of travelers are welcome here. 

  1. Playa Carrizalillo

Playa Carrizalillo is best known as a surfing area. The giant waves here attract daredevils who want to test their surfing skills. Aside from that, the beach here is a nice spot to work on your tan too. This beach is close to the town center which is an advantage. You will find more attractions to keep you entertained. 

  • Villas Carrizalillo

This is a great spot for guests willing to spend a little extra. Villas Carrizalillo sits next to the beach as well as Bahia de los Poetas. Also, it is also close to bars and restaurants if you want to try local food. The rooms here are beautiful and spacious. They are painted white with wooden furniture to create a cozy atmosphere. It has clean bathrooms and the beds are comfortable to sleep in. 

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Climb up to the rooftop to see spectacular views of the ocean. If you want some peace and quiet, take a stroll along the gardens. There are sofas and chairs around the garden where you can relax. If you want a more laid-back experience, try one of the hammocks here. You might find yourself dozing off with the cool breeze. 

It’s a good idea for families to stay here. Even though it is on the expensive side, you will get good value for your money. 

  • Hotel Aldea del Bazar & Spa

If you are looking for a nice place to stay, this is a good bet. What I love about this hotel is its massive garden. You will be mesmerized by the palm trees surrounding the premises. Aside from that, the swimming pool here is just stunning. And if you go hungry, there is an on-site restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat. 

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Aside from that, the rooms here are amazing. Their bright white design makes them appear bigger. They come with amenities like flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, and desks. Some even have a seating area. This is a great option if you want a luxurious experience minus the high price. 

Additional Hotels to Consider

It is always enjoyable to explore the different areas of Puerto Escondido. For example, there is Playa Bacocho on the west side of the town. It’s a long stretch of white sand where you can swim and sunbathe. You might even spot some sea turtles here. It’s near the airport and Playa Coral

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That said, there are other hotels to add to your list of options. Among these are: 

  • Hotel Terrestre
  • Vivo Resorts
  • La Puesta del Sol

Most hotels in Puerto Escondido come with free parking and free breakfast. This is great if you are driving here in a rental car. I prefer to drive on my own because I get to explore at my own pace. Also, I can stop anytime I want to grab a bite to eat like fish tacos from food stands. 


Puerto Escondido is a nice spot to visit if you want to avoid crowds. It is a laid-back beach town with impressive beaches. There are plenty of hotels here where you can stay. Whether you are on a budget or are willing to splurge, you’ll find a good spot here. 

I recommend that you get travel insurance before traveling to Mexico. This way, you will be protected in case you get into an accident. If you are looking for a new place to visit in Mexico, this is a good one to consider. 

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