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Beaches in Veracruz Mexico!

Veracruz Mexico lies on the Gulf Coast of Mexico in the Atlantic Ocean. It sits between the coasts of the United States, Cuba, and Mexico. Aside from that, the city of Veracruz is an important seaport in Central Mexico.

In addition, its waters are part of a reef system that includes 17 coral reefs as well as groups of islets. In fact, part of the Veracruz reef system extends to Boca del Rio and Alvarado. It is not surprising why many want to go diving in this small town. 

Beaches in Veracruz Mexico!

A Brief History of Veracruz

Veracruz, or Heroica Veracruz, boasts of rich history. In fact, it is one of the most historic cities in Mexico. It was the first city to be founded by the Spanish after the arrival of Hernan Cortes. Later on, the city became the main link between Mexico and Spain. This was why it was frequently attacked.

Aside from that, the port of Veracruz was the last city held by Spain during the Mexican War of Independence. Later on, US troops held the port both during the Mexican-American War and during the Mexican Revolution. 

What are the Best Beaches and Beach Hotels in Vera Cruz? 

Although the state of Veracruz is not known for its beaches, it is still a good spot to visit. That said, let’s take a look at the popular beaches that you can consider. 

  1. Playon de Hornos

This beach is just 3.5km from the Zocalo or main square and next to the Veracruz Aquarium. It has plenty of shade coming from palm trees. Aside from that, Playa Hornos has lounge chairs that you can rest on while enjoying the beach. 

Playa Hornos, beaches in Veracruz Mexico

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Lifeguards are around as well for everyone’s safety. If you are visiting during the high season, you can rent boats, kayaks, and jet skis. Boat tours to Isla de Sacrificios are available. 

  1. Villa del Mar Beach 

Just 1640.42 feet (500 meters) away from Playon de Hornos lies the Villa del Mar beach. There are lounge chairs, plenty of shade, and boat rides to the Island of Sacrifices too. You can book a stay in the hotel nearby to give you easy access to the beach and its waters.

Villa Del Mar Playa Villa Rica, beaches in Veracruz Mexico

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The resort is just 10 minute’s drive away from the city center. Aside from that, their rooms have two double beds and a bathroom. Guests can also explore the gardens or play a round of tennis. You can also visit the Luis Pirata Fuente Stadium while you are here. 

  1. Marti Beach

Marti Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Veracruz. It lies on the border of Veracruz and Boca del Rio. Aside from that, this is the best place for tourists who want to play beach volleyball or soccer. After all, there are nets and goals here ready for players. The sandy beaches are one of its main attractions.

  1. Playa Mocambo, beaches in Veracruz Mexico

One of the famous beaches in Boca del Río is Playa Mocambo. In fact, it is one of the busiest in the area. Aside from the lifeguards patrolling the beach, you can also spot a camping area here too. In addition, this beach is just within walking distance of a luxury hotel resort which you can stay in if you like.

Also, the commercial zone is a few minutes away which is a plus if you want to go exploring. This nice stretch of white sand is the perfect spot to relax and unwind. Also, the blue water is inviting too. In fact, this is the ideal place to go swimming in Veracruz because of the quality of the water. 

  1. Anton Lizardo Beach 

Diving is one of the popular activities that you can do on this beach with good reason. After all, you will find 11 reefs that are part of the Veracruz reef system here. This is a natural protected area.  In fact, this is the perfect location for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Anton Lizardo, beaches in Veracruz Mexico

After all, the coral reefs here play home to a wide array of marine life. In addition, the fine white sand and gentle waves make this beach suitable for families too. Also, Anton Lizardo Beach is a favorite of the Guacama Sport Fishing Club. 

  1. Isla de Amor or Island of Love

Meanwhile, if you just want to stroll along the beach, this island is for you. It is just 1 km southeast of Boca del Rio. Aside from that, you will find one of the best restaurants that specialize in fresh seafood here.

Isla De Amor, beaches-in-veracruz-mexico

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Swimming is not ideal here because of the strong waves. You can still admire the view though from the beach. Connected to the main island, Isla del Amor is a great spot to enjoy some peace and quiet with good food. 

  1. Cancuncito Beach 

Cancuncito Beach is a beautiful place to visit in Veracruz. After all, it is well-known for its crystal clear shallow waters. In fact, the waters range from 3 to 10 meters. This makes it an ideal place to learn how to swim or snorkel. Aside from that, there is a small sandbar that you will find near the Isla de Los Sacrificios.

Cancuncito Beach, beaches-in-veracruz-mexico

It appeared after Hurricane Gilbert in 1988. This sandbar is currently under the protection of the Veracruz Reef Reserve Center. If you want to visit it, you will need to go on a boat ride from Playa Villa del Mar or Playa de Hornos. 

  1. Playa Villa Rica

If you are looking for a good time in Veracruz then head to Playa Villa Rica. This is a stunning beach that attracts tourists who want to go swimming and snorkeling. Aside from that, you can head to La Mancha which is a coastal lagoon. This is where you will see diverse sea life.

Playa Villa Rica, beaches-in-veracruz-mexico

You can enjoy the warm waters here through different water sports. In addition, you can also go on boat rides too. This beach juts out into the Gulf of Mexico and has a cove beside it for water adventures.  

  1. Chachalacas Beach 

Just 24 miles away from the important port of Veracruz lies Chachalacas Beach. One of the best things that you will love about this place is that there are a lot of activities to do.

Chachalacas Beach, beaches-in-veracruz-mexico

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In fact, you should add the Sabanal dunes to your list of things to do here. The sand formation is a tourist attraction that you don’t want to miss. 

  1. Costa Esmeralda 

Costa Esmeralda is another popular place in Veracruz. The tropical climate here is perfect to go exploring this secluded beach. In fact, if you want to get away from the crowd then go here. 

Costa Esmeralda, beaches-in-veracruz-mexico

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Where to Stay in Veracruz

Veracruz is one of the historic cities in Mexico just like Mexico City. In fact, staying here for a few days is not a bad idea. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a small hotel or a luxurious one, you will find good accommodation here. In fact, let’s take a look at your options. 

  1. Grand Fiesta Americana Veracruz 

This beachfront hotel lies in the heart of Boca de Rio. It is a luxury hotel that offers spa services as well as comfortable accommodations in Costa de Oro. Aside from that, there are several on-site facilities too. There are 2 gourmet restaurants and a convention center. Air conditioning is available here plus an indoor pool and an outdoor pool. 

Grand Fiesta Americana Veracruz, beaches-in-veracruz-mexico

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  1. Galeria Plaza Veracruz

The modern-style Galeria Plaza Veracruz is just 8 minutes away from the beach. Aside from that, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi on the premises. There are 2 on-site restaurants, a fitness center, and a full-service bar. Aside from that, it is just 7.6 km away from the Castle of San Juan de Ulúa and the Asuncion Cathedral.

Galeria Plaza Veracruz, beaches-in-veracruz-mexico

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  1. Playa Caracol Spa Resort

This beachfront hotel is just a minute away from the beach. It has a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a private beach area, and a spa. In fact, they offer a wide range of massage treatments and more. They also offer a full refund in case you cannot make it to their hotel.

Playa Caracol Spa Resort, beaches-in-veracruz-mexico

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  1. Xian Hotel Boutique

This adults-only boutique hotel offers free private parking, a restaurant, a snack bar, and an outdoor swimming pool. Aside from that, there is a 24-hour front desk and room service here too. In addition, there is a business center on the premises for those who are traveling for business. Aside from that, the nearest airport here would be General Heriberto Jara airport. You can plan your next trip here if you want to get away from the city for a bit. 

Xkan Hotel Boutique, beaches-in-veracruz-mexico

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Wrapping Up the 10 BEST Veracruz Beaches (with Photos)

Veracruz is one of the historic cities in Central America. With its rich history, many people travel here to learn more about it. Although there are beaches here, like Playa Norte, the main attraction here is the food. Aside from that, there is no shortage of hotels here. One of these is the AC Hotel which offers spacious rooms and free parking. 

If you are wondering if the high season is the best time to visit, you should think again. This is the time when tourists flock here for some rest and relaxation. This old town is not only rich in history but food too. Even street vendors sell delicious food here. Aside from that, you can traverse the Gold Coast to where Playa del Carmen lies. 

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