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Cetina River Spring Croatia (Izvor Cetine) – The Eye Of The Earth

The Cetina River Spring (Izvor Cetine) is aptly named the “Eye of the Earth”. When seen from above, the river in Southern Croatia looks like the eye of a dragon. Aside from this, this incredible karst spring is at the foothills of the Dinara mountain range in the country, Croatia. It is one of the best and coolest places to see on the Dalmatian coast for sure!

Cetina river Spring with landscape view, Cetina River Spring

Cetina River Spring Croatia

The Eye Of The Earth

The Cetina River Spring is the source of the Cetina River. Also, you will find the mouth of the river Cetina in the town of Omis. It is a coastal town and port located in the Dalmatia region. 

Cetina river water hole landscape view, Cetina River Spring

Introducing the Cetina River

Explorers and divers have measured the depth of the river. According to their measurements, it has 508.5 feet or 155 meters of depth. Also, it is the same measurement taken by the Croatian Nature Institute. 

In addition, the spring of Cetina is a national monument in the country. This means that tourists and locals should treat the area with respect. Avoid throwing trash in and around this hidden gem in order to preserve its beauty. Aside from that, if you are aiming for a good photo of this river, like the shots of Nino Pavisic, you will need a drone. Flying a drone will give you an aerial view of Omis and the river too. 

Tourists should book a stay in Radmanove Mlinice. It is a picturesque village where traditional mills can be found. Aside from that, you’ll enjoy the beautiful nature near the Cetina Spring. 

Source of Cetina River

You will notice from different Cetina River stock photos that the waters are a beautiful blend of blue and green. Aside from that, this karst spring boasts of cold, crystal clear water. You’ll find that it is easy to see the depths of the river. Also, the source of the cold water in the spring of the Cetina River is groundwater that is coming up from the depths of the earth. 

Furthermore, it rises from the spring at Milasevo which is near the small village of Cetina. The Cetina village is 4.3 miles or 7 kilometers north of Vrlika. From its source, Cetina drops to an elevation of 1263.12 feet or 385 meters above sea level before it flows to the Adriatic Sea. Also, this is the most water-rich river in Dalmatia. 

Cetina Springs Temperature 

Tourists have seen this small lake at the foothills of beautiful Dinara mountain now that the water is cold. For example, many have likened it to taking an ice bath. Also, locals state that the water temperature can range from39 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 to 8 degrees Celsius. It’s really cold!

What is a Karst Spring? 

monastery with Cetina River Spring, Cetina River Spring

A karst spring is part of a hydrological system that includes caves and sinkholes. Moreover, this karst spring is similar to the cenotes found in Mexico. Also, it resembles the Sac Atun underwater cave system found in the Yucatan Peninsula. 

Unlike the hot springs found in different parts of the world, this karst spring is one you don’t want to miss while in Croatia. After all, the blue-green eye of the dragon is mesmerizing to look at. Also, swimming in the cold water is an experience you will not forget. 

How to Reach Cetina River Spring 

You will find the Cetina River gorge in the mouth of the city of Omis. It will only take you a short ride from the local Highway 1. Aside from that, you will spot this tourist attraction besides the Serbian Orthodox Church of The Ascension of Christ

The best way to reach the spring is by driving a car. You can check online for the directions. However, you should enter “Izvor Cetine’‘ or “Cetina River Springs” in the search box. This will get you the complete directions. Tourists should rent a car if they plan to visit this stunning river spring. In fact, there are car rentals available from the airports in Dubrovnik and Split. 

Dubrovnik to Cetina Springs

You will need to drive 3.5 hours from Dubrovnik to Cetina Springs. This will take you across the Mediterranean Sea and past border controls. Aside from that, the crossing and border control won’t take long. 

Split to Cetina Springs

Travel time will only take 1.5 hours without any traffic. In addition, there are no border controls along the way. 

How to Enjoy Cetina River Spring 

Embankment in Old Town of Omis Croatia, Cetina River Spring

If you are planning a trip to Croatia, make sure that you add Cetina River Spring to your itinerary. In fact, spending time near the most beautiful river at the foot of the Dinara mountains is a must. While you are here, you should book a cycling tour to see the river. 

The bike tour starts at the Hotel Alkar situated in the town of Sinj. From here, you will ride towards the village of Panj. This is where you will cross the river Cetina. Aside from that, the tour will take you down macadam road. It will lead you through the intact areas of Peruča lake. 

Furthermore, you will go through the stunning foothills of the Dinara mountain all the way to the Church of the Holy Salvation. It has been here since the 9th century. Meanwhile, take a right turn then after 500 meters, you will arrive at the spring of the Cetina River. 

After you have eaten and are done taking photos, you can go back to the hotel using the same route. Aside from that, it is possible to go swimming in lake Peruča which you’ll come across in the village of Dubar.

Or you can take an extreme canyon tour to see the Cetina River.

Tourist Attractions to See and Enjoy

Cetina River Spring is not the only highlight of your trip. There are other tourist hotspots that you can visit as well. For example, you can head to Velika Gubavica which is a tree-studded waterfall connected to the River Cetina. Aside from that, there are other beautiful rivers that are much like Cetina that you should visit as well. 

monastery with Cetina River Spring, Cetina River SpringThe Cetina River may appear like a small body of water away from the main road. However, from a vantage point, the deep canyons can be seen. Aside from that, there are only a handful of tourists who visit since it does not fall in main tourist routes. 


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