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Could You Be Turned Away At The Border When Traveling?

Being prepared for the worst when your travel is just good common sense. What will you do if you get sick or injured during your trip? Do you have a backup plan if you lose your money or your passport? Do you have insurance to cover the costs of these kinds of disasters? 

Turned Away from Travel

Hopefully, you are prepared for these worst-case scenarios, but what if you don’t get let into the country in the first place? This is something that people don’t tend to consider but there is a possibility that you won’t be allowed into the country for some reason. This is more likely in certain countries where they have stricter immigration countries but it can happen anywhere. Knowing the potential reasons for being turned away can help you prepare properly before your trip, so you can make sure that you actually get let in. These are some of the most common reasons why you won’t be allowed entry to another country. 

Your Visa Isn’t In Order

A lot of countries require you to have a visa before you can enter, even if you are just traveling as a visitor. If you don’t have the right visa, you will be turned away at the border and your trip will end before it’s even started. Unfortunately, this can happen when people make simple mistakes with their visa application and they don’t have all of the right supporting paperwork. If you are not sure about how to apply or what you need, speak to an immigration lawyer for some advice. They will make sure that everything is filled out correctly, you are applying for the right kind of visa and your application will be accepted before you go on your trip. 

You Have A Health Condition

Looking after your health while you travel is so important and you should always take out global travel insurance before you leave, so you can cover any medical costs. However, a lot of people don’t realize that their health could impact their ability to enter their country in the first place. If the border control authorities suspect that you have an infectious disease, for example, they may turn you away. This is an unlikely scenario, but if you have any health issues that may be a cause for concern, you should always declare them and have the relevant paperwork from a doctor to explain them. 

There Are Concerns About Your Finances

If the border control authorities have reason to believe that you don’t have enough money to support yourself while in the country, they will question you about this. The reason for this is that people will often work in a country while they are on a visitor’s visa, which is illegal. So, it’s a good idea to take some cash with you beforehand, even if you usually plan on using ATMs. You should bring a credit card too because, even if you’re not going to use it, this shows that you have access to money in an emergency. 

If you can avoid these potential issues, you shouldn’t have any problems at the border. Just be aware that there is always the chance that you could be questioned, so be prepared.

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