Places to visit in Colombo – Sri Lanka’s Capital City

Upon my arrival in the Northern Indian Ocean to the ancient city of Colombo, Sri Lanka, a weird thing happened. Although I had missed almost two nights sleep getting there, somehow the jet lag worked itself out and I was able to tour the city in the afternoon on the first day of arrival.For me, this is quite unusual, but I am glad I was


An ancient city in Sri Lanka: Sigiriya

By Cacinda Maloney An ancient city in Sri Lanka:  Sigiriya Landing in Colombo, I had no idea what riches lie in front of me. Sri Lanka sounded to this American Girl like an exotic, far-off land. This trip for me was intriguing and mysterious all at the same time. Any country’s UNESCO World Heritage sites are always of interest to me, so I was ecstatic to


Elephant Safari

Updated August 2015 By Cacinda Maloney Elephant Safari Crowded in the back of a forest green jeep with the top down, I was hanging onto the metal bars of the truck.  Slight breezes touched my face in the muggy weather when suddenly light droplets began to fall from the sky.  Crouching down into the vinyl black seat below the metal racks, I covered my head,