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What Adapter Do I Need for Mexico?

Are you planning on traveling to Mexico City? One of the things that you need to think of is what kind of power adapter to bring. The best way to do this is to do a bit of research online. There are sites that let you enter your country name so you can see the voltage differences. Additionally, you can use this to check if you need to bring a voltage converter on your trip. 

What is the voltage in Mexico?

Electrical Outlets and Plug Types

Mexico makes use of power outlets as well as Type A and Type B plugs. Type A is common in countries like the United States of America, Central America, and Canada. Type B plug outlets, on the other hand, are similar to Type A but it has a different shape. 

Type A


Plug type A is the plug that has two flat parallel pins and plug type B is the plug that has two flat parallel pins and a grounding pin. This means that if you have electrical devices that have a Type A plug, you can use them easily in Mexico. 

Type B

What Travel Adapters Should You Bring?

If you are traveling from the US, all US appliances can work without any problems in Mexico. However, if you are from a foreign country that has different voltages, you should bring a voltage transformer. It would help to read more about the electricity information on the household appliances that you are planning on bringing. 

Aside from that, you should bring appropriate power plugs with you too. It doesn’t matter if your electric appliances run on 120v or are dual voltage, you still need to prepare for the shape of the power outlets. For example, keep a type b plug adapter handy for your curling iron or hairdryer, just in case. 

You can still charge your cell phone in Mexico as long as you have the appropriate power converter with you. It is also ideal to bring a USB travel power adapter with you along with a suitable plug adapter to fit with the Mexican power outlet. 

Electrical Adapters to Consider

Voltage differences should play a part when considering what adapter plugs to bring to Mexico. After all, you need to ensure that your appliance will be compatible with the power supply in the country. If you are booking a house in Mexico, it will use a single-phase power. This means that your appliances in the US will work normally here. You just need to worry about the power sockets. 

The problem with a power point adapter is that they can only charge a single device. There are other options to consider for your trip such as the ones below. 

#1 Power Strip

You should invest in a power strip if you are bringing several electrical goods with you on your trip. This way, you will be able to charge multiple devices in one socket. Just make sure that you have enough battery chargers with you. You can also plug in your network power adapter for your internet needs.

#2 Voltage Converter

The power industry in Mexico only uses 127v/60Hz to power appliances in the country. If your device is not compatible with the power demand, you will need a voltage converter. Blu-ray disc players can work in Mexico, but you don’t have to bring one because there are free DVD players to use in hotels and other accommodations. However, if you have one, you can bring it (Blue Ray).

Voltage and Frequency

You can use your electric appliances in Mexico because the standard voltage (127 V) is (more or less) the same as in the United States of America (120 V). This is good news for foreign countries like South America, North America, and Australia. The line voltages in these countries range between 100v to 240v. In the US, the l-l voltage is 208vac while the l-n voltage is 120Vac. However, you should check the frequency used in your home country before you plug in your electrical apparatus. Knowing the specific figure is key to using the right adapters as needed.

It is a good idea to read the fine print attached to your electrical appliances to see if there is any frequency difference. Additionally, your power plug adapter only converts the plug type. It doesn’t have any capability to convert the voltage. For that, you will need a voltage adapter to convert your device to the appropriate voltage. 

You don’t want to damage your device that uses a higher voltage by plugging it in an outlet with low voltage. This will affect the internal parts because the low volts suck more amperage because of the voltage drop. If your appliance requires high voltage lines and you use it in Mexico, you might cause a fire or electrical shortage. It is important that your round numbers determine the right conversion for your device. 

Mexico is using renewable energy too. You can talk to the owner or your accommodation if they are using one. This way, you can bring the right adapters when needed.

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