Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca, Mexico’s Petrified Waterfall

During my recent trip to Oaxaca City, Mexico, I had a chance to visit a natural site not too far out of the city called Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca. It is a petrified waterfall in the small municipality of San Lorenzo Albarradas. It literally seems to be in the middle of nowhere in the state of Oaxaca, which is about 6 hours from Mexico City. The


Popular Mexican Destinations: 10 Wildly Popular Places

There are so many things to love about Mexico. It is one of my favorite countries in the world to visit. I bring you ten popular Mexican destinations to visit in this article that you may not even know existed. Mexico has such a deep heart and soul that it wants to show you. It is also a diverse a country that is filled with friendly


Oaxacan Mezcal and the Passion of One Man

I was peering at him from the distorted window. His eyes smiled to his ears as I saw him wipe the sweat from his brow with the back of his wrist. He was ruggedly handsome, mid 50’s and had the roughness from years of manual labor. The lines on his face were deep and his skin tone told me he was a man who works