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Are You a Notorious Over-Packer?

Let’s Turn You into a Packing Pro!

So you are the person who always has four bags to everyone else’s one. You have a wardrobe change for every meal, every stop, and any situation you could fathom on your trip. Because of this, you probably didn’t have room in the car for all of your bags or you had to pay for three–OMG how is that even possible?–additional checked bags. This is too much. It’s time to stop over-packing and start packing smart, but it’s not going to happen overnight. With these four tips, you’ll start packing more like a pro instead of a pack mule.

Travel Size is the Right Size

Are You a Notorious Over-Packer? Packing tips to make your trips go smooth.

One of the most common mistakes many people make when packing is with their toiletries. They pack their everyday shampoos, soaps, and lotions–the large, made-for-your-home bottles–and before they know it, one entire bag is dedicated to just toiletries. Travel-sized versions of your everyday toiletries are a more convenient and efficient way to travel, but often times many cannot be found in the brand you are used to. With a Silicone Bottle Set, you can take your favorite lotions and soaps with you without worrying about whether or not they come in a travel size. You’ll save money by not buying additional products, and you can reuse these bottles anytime you go traveling.

Are You a Notorious Over-Packer? Packing tips to make your trips go smooth.

Additional Shoes are Additional Headaches

 I know that many of you are shaking your heads right now, but the fact remains that shoes are some of the heaviest clothing items you can pack. If we are really being honest, most could get by without taking them with us. Those two factors alone should be enough reason to rethink why you are taking a dozen shoes for a weekend getaway. However, if you still need some help trimming shoes out of your luggage, try using a bag designed specifically for shoes–no, not a carry-on that you use for shoes, but an actual Pack-It Specter Shoe Sac. Now you will be able to put your shoes in your main bag without worrying if they will dirty your clean clothes. Limit yourself to the shoes you have on your feet and two additional pairs.

Are You a Notorious Over-Packer? Packing tips to make your trips go smooth.

Multipurpose Bags are the Best

Maintaining the trend of carrying dirty items in the same bag as your clean belongings–don’t worry, we are always keeping them separate–you will want to have a bag that does this for your clothing as well. As we travel, we continually soil our clothes, towels, and other items. Keep them all conveniently and separately stored in a bag like the Pack-It Original Clean Dirty Cube. With a breathable side for all of your fresh items and a moisture-control side to mask odors, this clean/dirty bag is the perfect addition to decrease the number of bags you take on your trips.

Compress the Rest

Space is the most important factor that comes to mind when becoming a packing pro. Being able to utilize every inch of what you have will make packing more efficient and effective. A handy way to increase the amount of space you have is by compressing items. Socks, underwear, and other wrinkle-free garments can be easily stored in a Pack-It Specter Compression Cube Set to create additional storage in your luggage. The air between these items is compressed out, leaving only the essentials–your clothing–in your bag.

Are You a Notorious Over-Packer? Packing tips to make your trips go smooth.

If you follow these tips, you will be on your way to becoming a packing pro in no time. Challenge yourself to see what ways you can improve your packing skills with these helpful items.

Overpacked car (Image: John Trainor), all others by Eagle Creek.

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Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Eagle Creek, the number of times I have overpacked were completely my own.


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