Going Off Road thru Sedona, AZ with Pink Jeep Tours

What better way to see Cathedral Rock and explore the red rocks of Sedona than to take a ride on the famous Pink Jeep Tour of Sedona?Pink Jeep Tours are a tour operator in the American Southwest that offers off road excursions and has been around since 1960! I was hoping my tour of Broken Arrow wasn’t going to be too much of an off road


Cathedral Rock Sedona

Sedona’s cinematic red rocks had been flashing across our windshield for almost an hour. It was hard for the driver to keep her hands on the steering wheel due to the beauty at each turn in the road. My iPhone camera was going off every few minutes, regardless if it was a good shot or not here at Cathedral Rock Sedona. There is no denying


Four Seasons Scottsdale – Deep in the Heart

  Four Seasons Scottsdale – Deep in the Heart Nestled in the foothills of the High Sonoran Desert, yet tucked up near the trails of the Pinnacle Peak Mountain lies the Four Seasons Scottsdale, which is "deep in the heart" of Scottsdale. During the drive up to the Seasons, you realize that the environment has slowly changed. The elevation begins to increase, the


Wine me, Dine me and Spa: Hyatt Scottsdale, AZ

By Cacinda Maloney Living in a resort town, I know that when I am home I sure enjoy a “staycation” to relax from all the traveling that I do. I am lucky in that I have so many great choices to choose from here in the Scottsdale/Phoenix metroplex. Recently, I had a chance to try out one of the most amazing spa’s here in town,


Native American Wisdom – Sheraton Wild Horse Pass

By Cacinda Maloney Sheraton Wild Horse Pass, Phoenix, AZ If there is one thing you need to know about Arizona, it is that it is beautiful. Not Italy beautiful, but desert beautiful… beauty in its own way. The purple hue of the mountains against the colors of the desert make for a landscape all its own, one that reminds you of the past,


Phoenix, Arizona in The Spring: Perfection

By Cacinda Maloney There is really nothing quite like it, as I squeal with glee in the backseat of the open-air, 4-wheel drive! Pink Jeep Tours, Phoenix, AZ Just being out on the open road in the desert landscape made all the difference in the world for me, as I am a city-dwelling fiend.  The smell of dirt and yet, fresh grass mixed


Western Destinations: Who Knew It Was Phoenix, AZ?

By Cacinda Maloney Western Destinations, Phoenix AZ She steadied as I tried to balance myself on her back.  She took one step and I shifted, then she took another and I shifted again.  Riding her was like magic.  Out in the Sonoran Desert, so peaceful and still, this city gal was riding horses in the quiet calm of the Bradshaw Mountains with views


WOW! The 2 Bedroom WOW Suite Review at W SCOTTSDALE, AZ

By Cacinda Maloney   How many times in your life have you been WOW’ed? WOW!  That is what they call it here. When I say that word, sometimes I say it with almost a silent whisper. WOW! (this is me whispering!) My brain gets overwhelmed by my enthusiasm for what my visual senses can’t quite get wrapped around and my words, even as a storyteller,


Chihuly: The Maestro in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, AZ

By Cacinda Maloney "Who is Dale Chihuly? And why is he so fascinating?" Those were my thoughts as I first entered into the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, AZ to view the Chihuly Exhibit. Desert Botanical Gardens, Chihuly Exhibit The exhibit was world famous by now and I couldn't wait to get in there and start looking around. What I have come to


La Mariposa: The Butterfly Invasion of Scottsdale, AZ

By Cacinda Maloney She flies over long distances in a precise migratory pattern and is known as ‘the wanderer’ in Australia.  But here in the United States, we call her the Monarch butterfly. Flying overhead in search of nectar plants and basking in the sun, this week I felt like a butterfly as I explored the City of Scottsdale, calling it the Scottsdale Invasion! Invasion


Celebrating 25 years: The Phoenician, Phoenix, AZ USA

By Cacinda Maloney Here's the link to The Phoenician's anniversary special.   The Phoenician, Phoenix, AZ It’s their 25th anniversary this year! The Phoenician, Phoenix, AZ The Phoenician celebrates 25 years of luxury with an exclusive offer: Reserve one night at a special starting rate of $199 Get every other night for $25 Valid on stays May 30 – September 30,


Zookz: The Most Unique Sandwich Shop in all of Central Phoenix, AZ USA

By Cacinda Maloney Zookz - Sandwiches with an edge You are driving west down Camelback, the most famous street in Phoenix, Arizona and decide to check out the central area of town.  Turning into AJ's Shopping Center you notice this cute little sandwich shop that you want to check out. "Sandwiches with an Edge" it says.  You notice the owner there, checking and double checking

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