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Why Holidays Near Home Can Be So Rich, Vibrant & Enjoyable

It’s not uncommon for many people to settle into their holiday plans according to the tastes they have and the memories they’ve already made. If you’ve had a wonderful time skiing, or on a cruise, then it’s not hard to imagine why you’d want to return to that location and try again.

Why Holidays Near Home Can Be So Rich, Vibrant & Enjoyable, package

Why Holidays Near Home Can Be So Rich, Vibrant & Enjoyable

Yet it can sometimes be that zeroing in on a specific location you visit ad nauseam can rob you of enjoying other incredible experiences. Of course, if you’re enjoying your time, then why should that matter? Well, this is all totally optional of course. But you might find that holidays closer to homes, such as beautiful caravan holidays or heading to the coast of your county or state can provide such worth that you may not have considered before.

In this post, we’ll discuss how holidays at home can be so rich, vibrant and enjoyable, and why they’re worth considering this year. Without further ado, let’s begin:

Cheaper, But No Less Enjoyable

Vacations near your home can be so much cheaper to take part in. For instance, caravan holidays, camping trips, or simply heading to a coastal town in your country and putting up in  a calming bed and breakfast for a few nights can be a fantastic idea.

A quick drive to the destination, arriving without feeling tired, and still not knowing everything in the location so it feels fresh means you get to enjoy your time there just as much, and still feel like you’ve travelled enough to make it worthwhile. 

When a vacation is cheaper and you can get there more quickly, you can take more of them if you wish. But of course, you don’t have to keep going to the same place unless you love to do so. How many people can say they’ve traveled to most worthwhile towns and nice villages within 200 miles of them? Not many, and so it might be a good idea to make a start.

Why Holidays Near Home Can Be So Rich, Vibrant & Enjoyable, lights in gold

Less Cultural Friction

When you vacation in your home country, or at least near it, then there’s much less cultural friction to deal with. Unless you’re someone lucky enough to live close to the German/Polish border, or if you live on the border of France or Spain (to list two small examples), you won’t have to even passingly know another language or convert your currency (like USD and CAD), or even drive on the other side of the road for the most part.

This means you can just focus on having fun in your holiday. Of course, some cultural differences are pretty seamless anyway (we’d wager that most British people fit in just fine in Australia), but it may be something you wish to accommodate if you’re just headed to celebrate and not necessarily to enrich yourself culturally. That said, this is more than possible too, as you can:

Learn About An Area & Its History

Your country has plenty of history to it, no matter how new it is. There may be thousands of years of cultural development and infrastructure to look at. In England, for instance, citizens are lucky enough to have access to a range of well-preserved and cared-for castles, those that have been made into visitor attractions like Warwick Castle. Here you can even take a tour through the dungeons, watch jousting re-enactments, and more.

In the US, Civil War re-enactments draw people year on year. But it doesn’t just have to be history that you appreciate. For instance, it might be that heading to the seafront gives you access to fresher and more tasty seafood which hasn’t been frozen on its route to new restaurants across the country. Learning about an area, its development, and its quirks, can help you understand a country, perhaps your country, on a micro scale. This helps weave the tapestry of worth that makes a big difference in your appreciation of the land you live or live near.

Fully Explore With Confidence

It’s much easier to explore an area when you have some kind of knowledge regarding the cultural norms of an area and how to conduct yourself. Abroad, you might find it to be a little hesitant to enter new restaurants from the first time unless you find an explanation of how to order and how to ask for your preferences (despite how incredible Japan is, it can be easy to feel flummoxed in some of their restaurants for the first time given how tech-friendly and unique they can be), but in your home country, you know how all that works anyway.

This can help you see your own country in a new light, as trying new foods, new drinks, new entertainment, and new activities can show you how you may have been living within your comfort zone thus far, and why it’s a cool idea to change that.

It’s Easy To Bring Friends & Family Along

It’s much easier to convince family or friends to come on holiday with you when it’s only a two-hour drive from where you’re currently living. Simply packing up, heading down the road, and making our way to a new experience doesn’t have to be something you synchronize flights for. 

Package Deals Are Easier To Attend

If you’ve seen a last-minute deal, like a freed-up overnight stay in a Cotswolds cottage, then heading there can be a great deal of fun. You don’t have to debate with yourself as much regarding if you can attend it or not either, you will know if you can make it work within the dates provided almost immediately. This can help you find better and cheaper opportunities that come as a nice surprise to your partner. You never really know what might be on the horizon and the degree to which it can benefit you – so give it a go!

With this advice, you’re certain to see how holidays near home can be rich, vibrant and enjoyable. Taking some time to try it out can be a great place to start.

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