Norwegian BLISS Deck Plans: Navigating The Ship

There is no better way to set sail on the open waters of the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean than by traveling on the new ship BLISS with the Norwegian Cruise Line. I was lucky enough to be invited to experience the ship in Los Angeles for a quick two-day inaugural sailing to Ensenada, Mexico. After I disembarked, it set sail for Seattle and then


Jamaican Drinks You’ll Love and Shouldn’t Miss!

Since I had a chance to lure you guys in with my Jamaican desserts and pastries article, I guess by now I should let you in on a little secret about Jamaican Drinks. And that is that they are proud produces of some of the most amazing and tastiest drinks in the world. In fact, you know how famous Peru is for their coffee, but


Jamaican Desserts and Pastries You Must Try

Getting to know Jamaica's exact location will help you discover why its offerings of deliciousness are so diverse. The tropical country of Jamaica is located in the West Indies of the Caribbean Sea, directly underneath Cuba and to the right of Mexico and to the left of Haiti. This country has been inviting guests from around the world to try its flavors, as well as


Jamaican Excursions: Take the Break You Deserve!

A trip to Jamaica certainly brings plenty of adventures, sunshine and turquoise waters, as well as some of the most delicious food you have ever tried.  From its “ya, mon” vibe to its familiar reggae music playing in the background of most of the places you visit, the beat of these Jamaican folk tunes will surely get stuck in your head. Soon enough, you will


Amazing Dominican Republic Foods

Many people know the Dominican Republic for its luxury resorts and beautiful beaches and hotels, such as the gorgeous Casas del XVI in Santo Domingo. But there is so much more to the Dominican Republic than just its oceans and architectural beauty. In fact, the Dominicans have a rich European history that is a deep mix of both African and the native Taíno influences. Sure it has beautiful landscapes such as rainforests and


Ready for a French Guadeloupe Holidays Trip?

The French are good at keeping secrets! Things like how to stay thin, a recipe that has been in the family for generations, how to make the perfect bottle of champagne, the best makeup to keep wrinkles away, and of course: The French Guadeloupe Islands. Most North Americans are unfamiliar with the French West Indies and opt instead for an English speaking resort on familiar


Give Something Back: A Traveling Mom and Her Son

When you are a Mom, you have these dreams and aspirations that you will teach your children all the things that you wished you would have learned when you were little.You try to instill in them the notion to give something back to the community, to helping others in need, to being a good friend and a good citizen of the world. Diego Maloney,


Dive into Dominican Culture at Casas del XVI

For Dominican culture, food, drinks, and plenty of things to do, look beyond the beach resorts and head to the colonial city of Santo Domingo... while beautiful beach resorts may be the Dominican Republic’s calling card, there are plenty of other riches to be found on the island. Dominican Culture I had wandered these streets before and knew that a return trip was inevitable. Most


Come Join Me at Half Moon Jamaica

  Half Moon Jamaica Far up ahead, I could see the majestic black wrought iron gates that would soon open up into a wealthy man’s grand tropical paradise: Half Moon Jamaica. I only wanted some down time to relax having already visited 12 countries this year at that point (and it was only May when I arrived in Jamaica). I knew I needed a break


5 Jamaican Travel Tips to Make Your Trip Perfect

5 Jamaican Travel Tips to Make Your Trip Perfect So you want to go to Jamaica, mon? Get ready to embrace the laid-back Jamaican culture and visit the reggae island of Jamaica! I believe nowhere else on earth will you find a culture as dynamic as the one you will encounter while visiting Jamaica. The Jamaicans are survivors of enslavement and oppression and their past


Hell Grand Cayman: Have you ever been to Hell and back?

Hell Grand Cayman is a massive limestone formation located in the West Bay on the island of Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands. It is a group of black jagged and spiky rocks almost the length of a soccer field with a viewing platform to see it and get an idea of how big it is. Apparently, there are 5 towns on Earth called Hell:


Puerto Rico Attractions: A Dream Comes Alive

By Guest Travel Writer Kamilla Graham - She was born and raised in the desert valley of Phoenix, Arizona. She enjoys live music, good food, cold coffee, and exploring the many wonders the world has to offer with her husband and 5 small humans. Puerto Rico Attractions The “rich port” of Puerto Rico is a 5-star vacation destination filled with world-class attractions. Whether you’re an adventurer, a foodie, a golfer,


Rasta Man, I love Sandals Ochi Rios, Jamaica

Sandals Resort – Ochi Rios Rastafarians hanging out at the All-inclusive value-luxury resort in Jamaica By Cacinda Maloney “Yippee!” That was all I heard my son say when Romeo introduced himself to us and extended his gloved right hand. We shook hands and he escorted us onto what would be essentially our ride from one of the main areas of the resort in


7 Fathoms under the Sea: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

A fathom is 1.8288 meters and is used for measurement, especially measuring the depth of water.  So 7 x 1.8288 is 12.9016 meters under the sea (for Americans, that is roughly 42.3 feet).  On Grand Cayman Island, they have the most unusual thing that is seven fathoms under the sea. Seven Fathoms Rum, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands No, not that distillery contraption above, but rather that